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The Idaho Legal History Section seeks to preserve, interpret, and educate others about the history of lawyers, judges and the judiciary, the Idaho State Bar, and the Rule of Law in Idaho. The section meets at 12:00 p.m. noon (MT) on the second Tuesday of the month in the months of January, March, May and October at The Law Center, 525 W. Jefferson Street in Boise. Meetings may be hybrid or via Zoom only. Please check email notices for confirmation of location.

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Recent Features of Idaho Legal History

Idaho is featured in the recent issues of Western Legal History, the journal of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society. The issue is the culmination of a years’ long effort in partnership between the Section and our friends at NJCHS. It features writings on the great state of Idaho and includes pieces on its history with an emphasis on the legal and the judicial landscape.

Visit their website for the full volume or click on the articles below.

The Idaho Legal History Section started out as the Idaho Legal History Society (ILHS). The ILHS was officially disbanded as an organization in June 2021 to become a section of the Idaho State Bar.

The ILHS was organized in 2005 by Chief Judge B. Lynn Winmill and then State District Judge and retired U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald E. Bush, United States District Court, District of Idaho.  Its founding members are Byron Johnson, former Idaho Supreme Court Justice; The Honorable Ronald J. Wilper, retired Fourth Judicial District, State of Idaho; Rita Ryan, Judith Austin, Tom McCabe, Boise attorney; Betty Richardson, former United States Attorney; Russ Heller, Boise Public Schools and Susie Boring-Headlee, Parsons, Behle & Latimer.

The group discovered that many people have been quietly preserving Idaho’s legal history on their own, and many more wanted to be part of the effort. From these efforts, the ILHS was born.

Hon. B. Lynn Winmill


Hon. Ronald E. Bush

An important component of the Idaho Legal History Society is the Oral History Project.

From territorial days until current times, Idaho’s justice system has been peopled with extraordinary and colorful figures who exhibit great intellect, erudition and legendary exploits. Their stories — and the knowledge that they have about the great moments and occasional foibles of our lawyers, judges, clerks and others — deserve to be gathered and saved for the future.

The process of taking an oral history is not only interesting, but also educational. It offers an opportunity for lawyers to learn from other lawyers and judges who have made a career and a life in the law.

The Society has purchased high-quality video and audio equipment. The Idaho Historian has trained more than twenty interviewers in various locations in the state, and there are opportunities for further training for lawyers and judges interested in participating in this worthwhile project.

With the support of their national organization, the Idaho Court Reporters have graciously agreed to transcribe oral history interviews to gain continuing education credit. Boise State University students and graduates of the legal secretary program, and, in the future, other university legal secretary students and graduates, have also agreed to transcribe oral history interviews.

The Society board has appointed a committee dedicated to the oral history project. Their job is to organize and implement a process that will appear “seamless” to volunteer interviewers who need advice and support as they plan and carry out their interviews. The committee has also identified over 50 Idaho lawyers and judges –those “narrators” whose compelling stories must be captured soon for the enlightenment, education and enjoyment of future generations.

Persons interested in participating in the Oral History Project, as an interviewer, narrator (story teller), or transcriber, may contact any of the following committee members:

Oral History Committee Members:

Dianne Cromwell

Ernest Hoidal

Stephen W. Kenyon, Clerk of Court 

Christopher J. Cuneo  

Oral History Resources:

Handbook for Interviewers & Transcripts

Judge and Attorney Oral History Index

Non-Attorney Oral History Index

Idaho Legal History Society’s
Byron J. Johnson Award

In 2007, the Idaho Legal History Society created the Byron J. Johnson Award to recognize individuals whose contributions have significantly advanced the purposes of the Idaho Legal History Society in fostering understanding and appreciation for Idaho’s legal history. 

The award, named after Idaho Supreme Court Justice Byron J. Johnson, who passed away in December 2012, is in recognition of the many years of service that he provided in collecting, preserving and disseminating information regarding Idaho’s rich legal history.

Award Recipients:

2007 – Rita Ryan, Founding Chair of ILHS Oral History Project

            Mike Silva, Spontaneous Productions, Inc.; Writer/Director,
            The Gate on 16th Avenue

            Susie Boring-Headlee, Founding ILHS Secretary/Treasurer
Producer, The Gate on 16th Avenue

2008 – Dave Metcalf, Author and Presenter of Historical Presentation of Diamondfield Jack

2009 – Scott W. Reed, Barry McHugh and Teresa McHugh, Historical Art Committee,
            U.S. Federal Courthouse, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

2010 – Gary Stallones, Original Developer and Webmaster of ILHS Website

2011 – Claudia Druss, Debora K. Kristensen and Eric White

2012 and 2013 No Recipients

2016 – J. Walt Sinclair and Nancy Hammond

2017- Honorable Ronald J. Wilper

2021- Hon. B. Lynn Winmill, U.S. District Judge and Hon. Ronald E. Bush, U.S. Magistrate Judge

Idaho Bar Transcripts Notes

1923 – Mandatory Integrated Bar Statute passed, but subject to challenge. Revised and enacted in 1925.

Volume II (1926) and Volume III (1927) of the Proceedings of the Idaho State Bar were bound together in one volume and contain one Index, located at the back of Volume III.

Thank You to Our Lifetime Members

Donald L. and Karen Burnett

Susie Boring-Headlee

Ernest A. Hoidal

Nancy Luebbert

W. Marcus W. Nye

Charles A “Skip” Smyser


Other Multi-Year Members

Through 2022

Scott L. Wayman

Vivian Klein

Through 2023

Gregory B. LeDonne

Jennifer R. Mahoney

Laird B. Stone

Through 2024

William G. Dryden

Christopher J. Cuneo

Chantel Elkins

Hon. Timothy L. Hansen

Hon. James F. Judd

Linda Judd

Through 2026

Libby Smith

Through 2027

Hon. Nancy A. Baskin

*Please note that since becoming a practice section of the Idaho State Bar we are no longer accepting multi-year memberships. To become a member of the section please register with your annual licensing packet or use the online Section Registration Form.

If you are a member of the Idaho Legal History Section you may elect to participate in our group. We welcome you to this helpful service, by and for our members!

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Section Membership

If you are interested in joining the Idaho Legal History Section, please register using the Section Registration Form.

Membership dues are as follows:

Standard Membership Dues – $25
Law Students – FREE

To view the section’s by-laws, select: Idaho Legal History Section By-Laws.
To view the section’s donation policy & guidelines, select: Idaho Legal History Section Donation Policy & Guidelines.

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