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House Counsel

Requirement. Any attorney employed as set forth below is required to be actively licensed or licensed as house counsel.

Qualifications.  A House Counsel Applicant must show to the satisfaction of the Board that the Applicant:

  1. Meets the qualifications for admission under Rule 202;
  2. Maintains an office for the practice of law limited to a house counsel practice within the state of Idaho on behalf of his or her employer;
  3. Is admitted to practice law before the highest court of a state or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia whose requirements for admission are commensurate with Idaho, including passing a qualifying bar examination for such admission;
  4. Is employed as house counsel by a company, association, or other business entity whose business is not engaged in the selling or furnishing of legal advice or services to others;
  5. Is not currently suspended or disbarred in any state in which the Applicant is admitted; and 
  6. Has submitted:
    1. Proof of employment with the company, association, or other business entity; or
    2. Confirmation of an offer of future employment with the company, association, or other business entity, provided that the house counsel license shall not be effective until such employment commences.

Idaho Bar Commission Rules

Application Fee: $800.00


Apply for a House Counsel license using the Idaho State Bar Admissions Application. Click HERE for the application, instructions on how to complete the application, and other required forms.

Questions about the application process? Contact Maureen Ryan Braley, Associate Director, or Tasha Sorrells-Landeros, Admissions Analyst, at (208) 335-4500.

Address Change

It is important that you keep your mailing and email addresses up to date with the Idaho State Bar so we can make sure you receive important information. Please contact Tasha Sorrells-Landeros to update your address.

Request a Copy of a Previously Filed Application

The Idaho State Bar charges a $25.00 fee for all copies of previously filed applications. To obtain a copy or copies of your application, please submit a written request accompanied by the $25.00 fee for each copy to:

Admissions Department
Idaho State Bar
PO Box 895
Boise, ID  83701

Be sure to list the name and mailing address for the receipt of each copy and whether a certified statement should accompany the copy.

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