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MCLE Attendance

The Idaho State Bar (ISB) Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Attendance records include the ISB approved courses attended during your MCLE reporting period according to the records of the Idaho State Bar.  Every active and house counsel member of the Idaho State Bar is required to certify that he/she has obtained at least thirty (30) Idaho approved MCLE credits including at least three (3) credits of ethics/professional responsibility during his/her MCLE reporting period.  Each attorney is allowed to use a maximum of fifteen (15) credits of self-study during each reporting period.

An MCLE certificate of compliance will be included in your annual licensing packet at the end of your reporting period.  The courses listed in our records will be pre-printed on the certificate of compliance.  Corrections and additions should be made to the certificate before being returned to the ISB with the rest of your licensing.

What if my attendance records are not correct?

If you need to add a course, remove a course you did not attend, or general and/or ethics credits are not correct inform the MCLE Department at (208) 334-4500.

What credits can I receive for self-study programs?

You may earn up to 15 credits through self-study during your reporting period. Self-study credits can be earned through online courses. The Idaho State Bar and Idaho Law Foundation have pre-approved Online CLE Courses.

What credits can I receive for publishing legal writing?

Published legal writing authored by attorneys may qualify for CLE credit if the writing contributes to the attorney’s legal education; is intended for an attorney audience; and is an original writing that is published, in print or electronically, in a professional legal journal or publication. The published writing must be at least 1,000 words and one credit may be granted per 1,000 words. A maximum of 6 writing credits can be used per reporting period. Please see ICRC 404(c) for the full requirements. For more information, visit our Published Legal Writing Credit page.

What if I taught at a CLE? Can that count as credit?

If you taught at an ISB approved course, you may be eligible for additional MCLE credits.  To receive teaching credit, you need to submit a Teaching Credit Application along with a complete course schedule showing the portion(s) you taught.

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