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It’s easy to join the LRS!! To join the Lawyer Referral Service, contact Andrea Getchell or at 208-334-4500. Registration rates are as follows: a first-year attorney will pay $50 each year; 2-5 years of practice would be $100; and 6 years or more would pay $125. Registration is good until the end of the calendar year.

The Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers (IALL) is a highly selective and well-regarded leadership training program for lawyers from across the State of Idaho.  It brings together some of the best and brightest attorneys in Idaho and teaches them leadership skills that they can use to improve the legal profession and transform their communities.

The mission of the Idaho Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is to provide support for lawyers who are experiencing problems associated with substance abuse and/or mental health issues in a safe manner, preserving the reputation and trust of the attorney. All information is 100% confidential and will not be reported to the Idaho State Bar.

The Attorney Well-Being Resources has information focusing on the health and happiness of attorneys, judges and anyone across the legal profession who is in need of activities, reading and education. .

Although it is hard to think about events that could render you unable to continue practicing law, freak accidents, unexpected illness and untimely death do occur. Following the suggestions made available via these resources will help to protect your clients’ interests and will help to make your practice a valuable asset to your estate.

Available to all members, this web-based legal research library and search engine is packed with important legal resources, including citation analysis, appellate summaries and positive/negative case treatment. Its database is continually updated. Access Fastcase by clicking the button above. If unsure about your password, please email the Idaho State Bar or call us at 208-334-4500.

The ISB Mentor Program can assist new lawyers in the transition from law school to a successful law practice by pairing the lawyer with an experience lawyer in their local community.

Ethics Advice

Consult with the staff attorneys in Bar Counsel’s Office regarding the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct.

Fee Arbitration Program

The Fee Arbitration program offers an efficient, private, and free way to resolve client fee disputes. Fee arbitration can be requested by either the client or the attorney.

Job Announcements

The Idaho State Bar offers a free job announcement service to law-related employers and employees. View current job announcements from throughout the state, or request to post one of your own. For national announcements, visit the American Bar Association (ABA) Career Resource Center.

Desk Book Directory

The Desk Book Directory is a supplement to The Advocate and is disseminated each April. The Idaho State Bar Commission Rules, the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct, the Local Court Rules, and the Rules of the Idaho Judicial Council are included, along with information about the judicial districts and contact information for attorneys and judges. Alternatively, the Digital Desk Book is available via the web.


This weekly electronic update details upcoming CLE programs, Section and district bar activities, general legal announcements, and more. For the current E-Bulletin, click HERE.

Meeting Space

Members are welcome to use meeting space in downtown Boise at the Law Center, which includes two conference rooms and a classroom. Call 208-334-4500 to reserve space.

The Advocate

Published nine times a year, this official magazine of the Idaho State Bar features topics of interest to the Idaho legal community, including notices of Bar activities, rule changes, discipline cases, CLE opportunities, and articles written by lawyers from various Practice Sections or other statewide legal entities.

Client Assistance Fund

Under special provisions of the Idaho State Bar and Idaho Supreme Court Rules, a fund has been created for maintaining the integrity and protecting the good name of the legal profession by reimbursing claimants for losses caused by dishonest conduct of a lawyer. Under the program, fees are paid by all lawyers throughout the state to assist in compensating members of the public for an Idaho lawyer’s dishonest conduct when the claimant has no other recourse to recoup the loss. For more detailed information, select: Client Assistance Fund.

Pro Bono Service

The Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program (IVLP) organizes Idaho private attorneys to expand pro bono legal resources. IVLP staff members screen applicants for income and case eligibility and support volunteer attorneys as they prepare cases. Submit a Pro Bono Pledge with IVLP to provide an invaluable service.

Supporting Civic Education

Law-Related Education (LRE) provides Idaho teachers and students with materials and strategies to reinforce civic education. LRE relies on attorney volunteers for programs, including Citizens’ Law Academy, the Turning 18 in Idaho publication, and the Idaho High School Mock Trial Program.

Volunteer Committees

There are 18 committees of the Idaho State Bar and Law Foundation which provide vision and oversight to various programs and functions. Learn more about how the Bar and Law Foundation operates, meet other lawyers, and serve the profession by volunteering for a committee position.

To view Bar committee positions, select: ISB Committees.

To view Law Foundation committee positions, select: ILF Committees.

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