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Licensing & MCLE

All current Idaho State Bar members have annual licensing requirements including payment of license fees and the client assistance fund assessment. Depending on status, members are required to provide certification of trust accounts, disclosure of professional liability insurance, and certification of mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) compliance.

The annual licensing packets are mailed to all current Idaho State Bar members in mid-November and licensing deadline is February 1. The final deadline with a late fee is March 1. Depending on status, members must pay the appropriate license fee plus the client assistance fund assessment and they must also comply with the following:

  • Trust Account Certification
  • Disclosure of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Certificate of Compliance
  • Admission in Other States

The fees and other requirements for each attorney will be included in the licensing packets.

Active members of the Idaho State Bar must certify their mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) compliance every three years. The three-year reporting cycles are based on when an attorney was admitted to the Idaho State Bar or when the attorney transferred to active status. Attorneys must complete at least thirty (30) Idaho-approved MCLE credits (of which at least three (3) must be approved as ethics credits) during each reporting period.

Information on an attorney’s MCLE reporting period and attendance records is available on the Attendance Records page.

We are pleased to announce our new online MCLE application form. Apply for course accreditation and pay any application fees online! You can also submit your attendance at a CLE program online HERE.

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