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Legal Intern License

The legal intern license enables qualified law students and recent law school graduates to engage in the limited practice of law under the supervision of a qualified member of the Idaho State Bar. The provisions and requirements for a legal intern limited license are set forth in Idaho Bar Commission Rule 226.

Legal Intern Qualifications

Please see IBCR 226 for a more complete explanation of the legal intern qualifications.

To qualify for a legal intern license, the Applicant must:

  • Be duly enrolled, in good academic standing, and have completed two-thirds of the prescribed course of study at a law school that is fully or provisionally approved by the ABA.
  • Have graduated from a law school that is fully or provisionally approved by the ABA within the past 12 months.

A legal intern license shall be granted for a definite period of time not to exceed 12 consecutive months, provided:

  • If the Applicant passes the Idaho bar examination and is admitted to the Bar prior to the expiration of the 12-month term, the legal intern license shall terminate upon admission to the Bar; or
  • If the Applicant fails the Idaho bar examination or the bar examination in any other jurisdiction prior to the expiration of the 12-month term, the legal intern license shall terminate on the date those bar examination results are released.

If you have questions regarding the qualifications, please call the Admissions Department at (208) 334-4500.

Application Process

The application fee is $25. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the ISB to process a complete application. Once an application is approved by the ISB, we recommend to the Idaho Supreme Court that you be issued a Legal Intern License. It may take the Court 1-2 weeks to issue an Order granting you a Legal Intern License. You cannot engage in the limited practice of law as a legal intern until the Court issues an Order granting you that privilege. A copy of the Court’s Order will be sent to you, the supervising attorney, and the ISB.

Email will be the primary method of communication between the Idaho State Bar and you about your application. It is important to check your email regularly and update your email address as necessary.

Filling Out the Application:

  1. Submit the application at least 6 weeks before the license is needed.
  2. Obtain signatures and notarizations on any supplemental forms you are required to upload with your application.
  3. If you answer “yes” to any questions in the Character and Fitness section of the application, be sure to provide a detailed explanation.


On May 11, 2022, we launched the online version of the Legal Intern Limited License Application. We will continue to accept paper applications through June 30, 2022.

Legal Intern Limited License Application

Applicant Affidavit – Complete form and upload in online application.

Supervising Attorney Certification – Complete form and upload in online application.

Law School Dean Certification – Complete form and upload in online application (if necessary).

Supervisor Qualifications & Duties

Qualifications of Supervising Attorney.

An attorney is qualified to act as a supervising attorney who:
   (1) Is actively licensed in Idaho;
   (2) Has practiced law for at least 5 years immediately prior to submission of the legal intern Application; and
   (3) Has never been publicly sanctioned in Idaho or any other state or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia, unless the Board approves the attorney to act as a supervising attorney.

It is the responsibility of the supervising attorney to immediately notify the Idaho Supreme Court and the Idaho State Bar if the legal intern is no longer employed or engaged by the supervising attorney or if there has been a change in the legal intern’s place of residence which impairs the ability of the supervising attorney to perform his or her duties.

A supervising attorney shall not supervise more than 2 legal interns except in a clinical course offered by an Approved Law School.

With the approval of the supervising attorney, any attorney in the supervising attorney’s firm, law offices or practice may supervise and direct the work of the legal intern.

Change of Supervisor

A legal intern may apply to substitute a supervising attorney or add a supervising attorney by submitting a new Application.

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