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Public Discipline and Other Notices

The rules for the discipline of Idaho lawyers are established by the Idaho Supreme Court, through Section V of the Idaho Bar Commission Rules. IBCR 521 provides for two types of disciplinary sanctions: private discipline (for less serious violations) and public discipline (for more serious violations). Only public discipline sanctions are posted.

Recent Public Notices

5/22/23Bartlett, Robert A.Withheld Suspension, Suspension and Probation
2/9/23Youngblood, Kameron M.Interim Suspension
1/18/23Marsh, Kathryn L.Resignation in Lieu of Disciplinary Proceedings
1/18/23Haynes, Robin L.Suspension
12/19/22Cotton, Jeffrey L., IISuspension
11/28/22Bond, Virginia A.Public Reprimand
8/8/22Smith, Vernon K., Jr.Suspension, Withheld Suspension, and Probation
6/28/22Gallina, Scott D.Resignation in Lieu of Disciplinary Proceedings
6/2/22Webb, Brian L.Suspension
5/20/22Lawson, Gregory O.Suspension, Withheld Suspension and Probation
4/4/22Hayes, Joseph R.Resignation in Lieu of Disciplinary Proceedings
1/24/22Warren, Chad L.Resignation in Lieu of Discipline
12/24/20McMillan, James M.Resignation in Lieu of Disciplinary Proceedings
3/27/20Pitner, Noel J.Disbarment
8/28/19Ballard, Ryan A.Resignation in Lieu of Disciplinary Proceedings
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