Idaho State Bar Award Nominations- Deadline March 31

Each year the Idaho State Bar Board of Commissioners presents awards to members of the Bar who demonstrate exemplary leadership, professionalism, and commitment to the legal profession and to the public. Nominations can be submitted at any time, but the deadline to be included in the current year is at the end of March, with selections announced in May. The Distinguished Jurist, Distinguished Lawyer, Outstanding Young Lawyer, Service, and Section of the Year Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting each July. The Professionalism and Pro Bono Awards are presented at the Resolution Meetings in the fall.

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Justice Daniel T. Eismann Award for Excellence in Treatment Courts – Call for Nominations

AII magistrate, district, and senior judges are eligible for the Daniel T. Eismann Award for Excellence in Treatment Courts. This award is presented to a treatment court judge who demonstrates exceptional leadership and commitment to the success of their team and participants. Any judicial employee, treatment court team member, or member of the Idaho State Bar may nominate a sitting or senior district or magistrate treatment court judge in the Idaho Court System.

Nominations must be typewritten and follow the format described below:


Submitter’s Information

Name, Title, Phone, and Email


Please describe the nominee’s major contributions to Treatment Courts in Idaho. Consider years of service, innovations in the field, inspiration of others, and major achievements that have or will have enduring value.

Selection Process

A subcommittee of 7 members of the Treatment Court Committee will be appointed by the Committee Chair. The subcommittee will review nominations and make no more than three recommendations to the Idaho Supreme Court, who will determine the selection.

The award will be presented at the Idaho Treatment Court Conference, which is held every two years, and will be announced by the chair of the Treatment Court Committee (Justice Moeller or designee) on the 2nd day of the conference. Nominations will be opened approximately four months prior to the conference, allowing time for the Treatment Court Committee to receive and review nominations and the Supreme Court to make a selection.

Nominations for the 2022 Eismann Award for Excellence in Treatment Courts should be submitted by February 28th, 2022.  The presentation will be made at the Treatment Court conference scheduled for May 6th, 2022.

Please send nominations to Treatment Court Committee staff by mail or email:

Scott Ronan

P.O. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0101


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