Idaho Supreme Court Case Management System Upgrade Jan. 15-16

ATTENTION: An upgrade of the Court’s case management system will impact the availability of iCourt File and Serve from Friday, January 15, 6:00 p.m. to Saturday, January 16, 2021 8:00 p.m.

If you are initiating a new case your filings will reach the clerk’s review queue and be processed as normal.  If, however, you attempt to file into an existing case during this time frame you will receive an error message until the upgrade is completed. 

Notice of Judicial Recruitment Workshop- Jan. 14

A Judicial Recruitment Workshop will be held Thursday, January 14, 2021 from 12:00 Noon – 1:00 p.m. MST via Zoom.  This workshop will provide information to attorneys about what it is like to be on the bench, the selection process, the opportunities available, and benefits of judicial service. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to and you will be e-mailed a link to the workshop.

2021 Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal Symposium

2021 Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal Symposium

The Future of Work



The Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal at the University of Idaho College of Law invites proposals for its annual symposium, which will be held via Zoom in April of 2021. This year’s topic, The Future of Work, will focus on COVID-19’s disparate impact on women and communities of color in the workforce, as well other contemporary issues in workforce law and policy in the United States.

In particular, we are interested in papers and proposals dealing with:

  • Essential workers, including low-wage workers in the retail industry, farm workers, home healthcare workers, and paid sick leave and hazard pay as public health necessities in the midst of COVID-19;
  • The incredible growth of the gig economy and its corresponding part-time work, as well as the ramifications of California’s Prop 22 for gig contractors;
  • COVID-19’s impact on women in the workforce, particularly women of color;
  • The current status and potential future of organized labor, including but not limited to the possibility of a resurgence among Gen Z and Millennial workers;
  • The Labor movement’s support of Black Lives Matter and involvement in social justice protests;
  • The success of minimum wage ballot initiatives across the country in the 2016-2020 elections;
  • The Trump Administration’s OSHA enforcement regarding COVID-19 and other issues since 2017;
  • And other workforce law topics.

The Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal is committed to engaging a diverse community of academics in order to engage in difficult conversations relating to employment law and workforce policies. As such, we are seeking submissions from individuals with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, both inside and outside the legal field. These submissions may include alternatives to traditional articles, including commentaries and essays, both of which may be shorter in length. Quality submissions will be published in a symposium edition of the CRIT, with authors being invited to participate in a series of panel discussions relating to labor law and workforce policy during the symposium itself in April 2021.

Submission Procedure

Proposals should be approximately 250-500 words, double-spaced, and should be submitted by e-mail to Danielle Strollo, Symposium Editor, at no later than 5 p.m., Mountain Time, December 30, 2020. Please contact Ms. Strollo with any questions.

Proposals will be selected on a rolling basis, with final selections completed by January 25, 2021. Preference of presentation times will be given to those also planning to submit an article for publication. Articles will be due to the Idaho Critical Legal Studies Journal on February 25, 2021.

ID Women Lawyers & U of I College of Law CLE: Advancing Equity in Practice – Dec. 3

Please join us for the following upcoming event, co-hosted by the University of Idaho College of Law:

Advancing Equity in Practice  
Date: December 03, 2020  
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

The practice of law is one of the least diverse professions in the United States. The challenges of creating an inclusive law office environment continue. As legal professionals, we are called by our oaths to address pressing issues in our communities and make the practice of law better for current and future generations of lawyers. With this spirit in mind, we invite you to join us for a virtual evening CLE* event to discuss truths of racism in the practice of law in Idaho and pathways for increasing inclusion and diversity in our law office environments and the Bar at large. We encourage you to treat yourself to a “virtual” happy hour by having some snacks and a beverage of choice at the ready so you can both relax and engage in these important discussions. *CLE ethics credit pending. We will have four “circuits” during this webinar and are pleased to present the following topics and speakers: 1. Basics of Inclusion in Employment: Anna Courtney, Talent Development & Diversity Manager, Stoel Rives, LLP 2. Defining and Identifying Racism and Implicit Bias: Latonia Haney Keith, VP of High Impact Practices, College of Idaho 3. What it Means to Be Actively Anti-Racist: Emile Loza de Siles, Asst. Professor, Duquesne University School of Law 4. Equity vs. Equality in Practice: Natalie Camacho Mendoza, Director of Police Oversight, City of Boise For more information and to register online: Advancing Equity in Practice We hope to see you there!
Idaho Women Lawyers

2020 Year End Season of Thanks Bundle Package

Offered by the Idaho Law Foundation, Inc. and Abila

LIMITED TIME OFFER – November 23rd through December 18th
10.0 CLE credits (self-study) for only $200.00
Idaho Programs! Idaho MCLE Approved! Presented in Idaho!

With the start of the season of thanks and the end of the year fast approaching, the Idaho Law Foundation, Inc. and Abila would like to assist you in getting self-study credits. Between November 23rd and December 18th, you may purchase the Year End Season of Thanks Bundling Package, which includes 10.0 CLE credits for only $200! You will be given 90 days to make your program selections, with an additional 90 days following your selection to view each program. By selecting online, on-demand streaming, you will have the convenience to watch whenever and wherever you like!

As part of the bundling package, we are pleased to offer the following programs presented by high caliber, knowledgeable legal professionals including the 2020 and 2019 ISB Annual Meeting CLE Sessions:

  • 2020 Lessons from the Masters (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics
  • Ethical Guidance for Cyber-Crime Prevention and Response (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics
  • 2020 Election – What to Watch for this Year (Lawyer’s Version) (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Violence in the Legal Profession: A Study of Idaho and our Colleagues Nationwide (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Ten Things All Idaho Lawyers Should Know About Indian Law and Business or Murder? The U.S. Supreme Court and Herrera v. Wyoming (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • The Life Cycle of an Estate Plan: Understanding Estate Planning Strategies and Use of Basic Wills and Trusts (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits 1.0 / NAC Approved
  • Con Law by the Numbers (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • Lawyer Well-Being: What’s It Got to Do with Me? (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Holistic Trial Work: Viewing Your Case with an Eye Towards Appeal and Viewing Your Appeal with an Eye Toward Remand (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Social Media & Ethics (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics
  • Understanding and Representing Clients Who’ve Experienced Trauma in Family Law Matters – What You Need to Know About Trauma (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Clearing Barriers to Military Legal Readiness (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .75 are Ethics
  • A View From the Appellate Bench in Idaho (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 / NAC Approved
  • Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities – You and Your Client (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .75 is Ethics
  • 2019 Lessons from the Masters (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 is Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • Clearing Barriers to Military Legal Readiness (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .75 are Ethics credits 
  • A View from the Appellate Bench in Idaho (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Technology and a New Generation: How Progress Affects Professional Responsibility (2019) – 2.0 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • Can I Get This Tweet Admitted? Evidentiary Issues in the Digital Age (2019) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Adoption Case (2017) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Divorce Case (2018) – 1.75 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Workers Compensation Case (2017) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Construction Law Case (2018) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Immigration Law Case (2018) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • 2018 Annual Flagship CLE – Legal Malpractice Coverage (2018) – 4.0 CLE credits of which 2.0 is Ethics
  • 2017 Annual Flagship CLE – Law Practice Management: A Mini-MBA for Legal Practitioners (2017) – 3.75 CLE credits of which 0.5 is Ethics
  • 2018 Lessons from the Masters (2018) – 1.25 CLE credits of which 0.5 is Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Ethics and Practical Issues in Dealing with Persons with a Developmental Disability (2017) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 0.75 is Ethics / NAC Approved
  • How Immigration Law Affects Your Law Practice (2017) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • Judicial Independence and Integrity in These Hyper-Partisan Times (2017) – 1.75 CLE credits of which 0.5 is Ethics
  • LGBTQ and the #MeToo Movement: The Modern Civil Rights Movement (2018) – 2.0 CLE credits of which 0.25 is Ethics
  • Recent Updates on Parental Rights: From Rotating Custody to Same-Sex Couples (2017) – 1.0 CLE credits
  • Understanding the Needs of the Military Population in the Criminal Justice System (2017) – 2.0 CLE credits of which 0.25 is Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Arbitration Law and Practice (2018) – 1.75 CLE credits
  • How to Settle Any Case Using Mediation: Insights from the Mediators’ Perspective (2018) – 1.25 CLE credits
  • Everything a Lawyer Needs to Know About Appeal Bonds (2018) – 1.25 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Changing Perspective: How I Would Approach an Appeal Today (2017) – 0.75 CLE credits / NAC Approved

Please NoteYou will not be eligible to receive additional credit for the CLEs listed above you have attended or watched in the past. No refunds will be provided. No extensions will be awarded. All sales are final.

Your support of Idaho Law Foundation CLE programming provides the necessary resources to fulfill the Foundation’s goal of enriching the public’s understanding of and respect for the law and legal system. To take advantage of this great offer, select: 2020 YEAR END SEASON OF THANKS BUNDLING PACKAGE – ENDS DECEMBER 18!

*After you purchase your bundle, please return to this page and click HERE to choose your courses. It is helpful to have this list of courses up on a separate screen so that you can easily see the credits for each course.

Comments Sought on I.M.C.R. 5(b)

Idaho Supreme Court seeking comments on proposed amendments to I.M.C.R. 5(b).

IAALS Legal Visionary Award Nominations

IAALS—the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System—has launched a new Legal Visionary Award and is accepting nominations through December 1. The Alli Gerkman Legal Visionary Award recognizes an innovator who has made significant impacts early in his or her career toward making the American legal system work better for everyone who needs it and everyone who is a part of it. The purpose is to encourage and showcase innovators, risk takers, visionaries, and emerging leaders who bring a different perspective and a reform-minded approach to the improvement of our legal system. Candidates must be in the first 15 years of their legal career to be eligible.
So much good work is being done across the legal profession and we can’t wait to highlight it.

More information about the award and criteria is available here:

Comments Sought on Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure (Parts IV and VI-X)

The Idaho Supreme Court’s Children and Families in the Courts Committee is seeking input on proposed revisions to the Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure (Parts IV and VI-X).  A copy of the revisions can be found on the court’s website at  Please send your comments to Deena Layne, by Friday, December 4, 2020.  Thank you.

Fall Immigration Skills Conference -Nov. 5

For more information including agenda, speakers and registration click HERE

Idaho State Bar Attorney Well Being Survey- Closes Oct. 31

The Idaho State Bar Attorney Well-Being Task Force is conducting an anonymous survey of all ISB members to determine how the Task Force can best serve the needs of our members.

Give Us Your Input!

Take the Survey HERE now

The survey closes October 31st.

Free CLE For Your Participation
To show our appreciation for taking this survey, you will receive a coupon code at the end of the survey that you can use to watch the FREE on-demand CLE titled “Lawyer Well-Being: What’s It Got to Do with Me?”
Please remember to write down the coupon code and use it when you register for the course!

Your Input is Critical
“Attorney well-being has been an area of well-deserved focus across the country over the last several years. Many state bars have established committees to develop well-being programs or resources and Idaho’s Task Force looks forward to using the results of the survey to inform its work.
Your response to our survey is critically important and valuable. Attorney well-being is a topic we can all benefit from and the survey is a simple way to help your fellow bar members. The Task Force appreciates your attention and time to respond.”
~ Donald F. Carey, Idaho State Bar President

Attorney Well-Being is More Important Now Than Ever
“This survey’s timing is serendipitous because attorney well-being is an especially important issue, and, now so, more than ever. Please take a few minutes (along with a couple of deep breaths), and share your answers to help shape the direction, programs, and resources being developed to address an often-overlooked aspect of practice. With your insight, improvements can happen. Thank you!.”
~ Hon. Andrea L. Courtney, Third District Judge
For more information on Well-Being and efforts being made nationwide visit theNational Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.