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Casemaker Is Now Fastcase

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The Idaho State Bar is pleased to provide free unlimited online legal research as a member benefit for all Active members and members of the judiciary.  We have previously had Casemaker’s suite of premium services as that benefit.  In January 2021, Casemaker and its leading competitor, Fastcase, announced their merger.

With the merger of Casemaker with Fastcase, we are now excited to offer the added benefit of Fastcase’s extensive library at no additional cost.  Together they combine to offer a comprehensive set of tools and products.  Additionally, there are plans for new innovations in citator, docket analytics, and workflow tools, maximizing your bar member benefit.

Fastcase’s legal research tools offers primary legal research, as well as more than 750 books, treatises, and journals to their users. Fastcase also integrates with Docket Alarm’s briefs, pleadings, and motions database and syncs with a mobile app, on iOS and Android.

Fastcase Login

Your Casemaker login and password will be the same for access to Fastcase.  If there is a necessity to change it in the future, you will be given ample notice. If you forgot your password, please contact the Idaho State Bar at 208-334-4500.

Technical questions and assistance can be directed to Fastcase at 866-773-2782, Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. MT, or email

Please note that you will need to access Fastcase through the Idaho State Bar webpage in order to have unlimited access. You can access it by clicking on the photo above or clicking here. If you would like to bookmark a page for easier access in the future, please bookmark this page.

Fastcase Tutorials and Help

If you are feeling rusty on your Boolean research skills or just want to find out how Fastcase works, there are free webinars scheduled every week through the second week of November. Visit the Fastcase webinar page for more info.

Additionally, the Fastcase Support Center is an online educational site including tutorials to help you learn how to transition from Casemaker to Fastcase along with other useful information on legal research. 

Inactive & Senior Member Subscriptions

All Idaho State Bar Active members and judges have access to the Fastcase online law library. Inactive and senior members are still able to sign up for Annual Subscriptions at the cost of $30.00. Fastcase is a unique online legal research tool with a powerful search engine providing access to a combination of state and federal materials. Fastcase includes historic to current cases, statutes, and regulations. Comprehensive, accurate, and timely internet legal research is available through the Fastcase Library. This powerful internet law library provides members of the Idaho State Bar with access to the legal research materials to serve clients.

To pay for a subscription online, please go to our online payment form and input your payment information. Please make sure to include your email address and indicate that the payment is for an annual Fastcase subscription.

Mobile Apps and Mobile Sync

Fastcase is for iPhone, iPad, and Android
Take smarter legal research on the go with Fastcase for iPhone, iPad, and Android! Search caselaw and statutes using our smart search technology. You’ll also be able to use many features you’re familiar with from our Web-based legal research application, such as seeing the most relevant results at the top of the list, customizing and re-sorting search results, and the integrated citation analysis tools.

Fastcase for iPhone

Fastcase for Android

Connect your iPhone, iPad, or Android accounts with your desktop account, bringing together your favorites and usage history. Plus, when you save cases on the go, you can access them through your desktop where it’s easy to print, find expanded search information, and access support from Fastcase reference attorneys and technical professionals. Instructions are available here.

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