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Attorneys as Specialists

Only Idaho attorneys who have been certified as specialists pursuant to Section X of the Idaho Bar Commission Rules can advertise or refer to themselves as specialists in an area of law. Questions concerning proper wording of advertisements, press releases, etc. should be referred to the Bar Counsel’s Office at (208) 334-4500.

How does an Idaho attorney become certified as a specialist?

Contact one of the organizations approved by the Idaho State Bar to learn the organization’s requirements for certification as a specialist. Once the attorney has met the organization’s requirements, the organization will inform the Idaho State Bar that the attorney has been certified as a specialist.

What if an attorney is not a specialist?

A limited number of Idaho attorneys are certified as specialists and there are a limited number of areas of law currently available for specialization.  Although most Idaho attorneys have not been certified as specialists, it does not mean that they are not very experienced and well educated in a specific area of law.

Does the Idaho State Bar certify specialists?

No. The Idaho State Bar approves the organizations that certify attorneys as specialists in specific areas of law.

How do new certifying organizations and new specialty areas become approved?

Organizations who want to be approved for specialty certification must apply with the Idaho State Bar. Review the Rules for Accreditation of Specialty Certification Programs for Lawyers and file an Application for Accreditation along with the $200 application fee for each specialty area. Contact the Licensing Department at (208) 334-4500 if you have any questions about the application process.

Approved Organizations and Areas of Specialty

Business Bankruptcy
Consumer Bankruptcy
Creditors’ Rights

66 Canal Center Plaza, Ste. 600
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: (319) 365-2222 |

Idaho Trial Lawyers Association
Civil and Criminal Trial Attorney
Workers’ Compensation

PO Box 1777
Boise, ID 83701
Phone: (208) 345-1890 |

American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys
Medical Profession Liability
Legal Professional Liability
Accounting Profession Liability

4355 Cobb Parkway, Ste. J-208
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (404) 919-4009 |

National Association of Counsel for Children
Child Welfare Law

1600 Downing Street, Ste. 410
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: (303) 828-6222 |

National Elder Law Foundation
Elder Law

6336 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 326 #136
Tucson, AZ 85704
Phone: (520) 881-1076 |

Estate Law Specialist Board, Inc.
Estate Planning

1120 Chester Avenue, Ste. 470
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (866) 226-2224 |

National Board of Trial Advocacy
Civil Trial Advocacy
Criminal Trial Advocacy
Family Law Trial Advocacy
Civil Practice Advocacy
Social Security Disability Law

850 Franklin Street, Ste. 8
Wrentham, MA 02093
Phone: (508) 384-6565 |

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