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Search MCLE Attendance Records

If you do not know your ISB Membership Number, you can contact the MCLE Department at (208) 334-4500.

If a course is not listed, you may want to search Idaho MCLE approved courses, search pending applications, or read about properly verifying attendance. The attendance records are provided on an informational basis only.  They are not verification of MCLE credits earned and should not be considered certification of attendance.  It is your responsibility to track your own MCLE credits and to certify that you have met the MCLE requirements at the end of your reporting period. You will still need to turn in an MCLE Certificate of Compliance at the end of the reporting period.

Our online records do NOT show real time information, but are updated approximately every two (2) weeks. If you attended a course within the last two weeks and it does not appear in your online report, please check back later.

Courses taken before or after your current reporting period will not show up in this search. If you have paid for an MCLE extension those new courses will not be visible on this page. Please reach out to the MCLE Department for attendance records outside of your three year reporting period. 

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