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Certificates of Good Standing

What is Good Standing?

Idaho Bar Commission Rule (I.B.C.R.) 301(i) defines good standing as the standing of a member of the Bar who is in compliance with the licensing requirements of Rule 302 [Licensing Requirements] and whose right to practice law is not currently limited under I.B.C.R. Section V [Rules for Review of Professional Conduct] by order of the Supreme Court.

What is included in a certificate of good standing?

A certificate of good standing includes the attorney’s name, current status, date of admission, whether or not admission was by examination or motion, and the date the attorney’s current status began. If you also need a copy of your discipline records, please see Bar Counsel’s Office for information on requesting discipline records.

Who can get a certificate of good standing?

Only current members (Active, Inactive, Senior, Judicial, House Counsel, and Emeritus) can get certificates of good standing. Former members may contact the Licensing Department at (208) 334-4500 about the possibility of getting written verification of their former status.

How do I order?

First, verify that you need a certificate of good standing from the Idaho State Bar.  Some jurisdictions require certification from “the highest court where admitted” or “from the clerk of the court.”  If you need a certificate from the Idaho State Bar, please use the Online Request Form.  If you need a certificate from the Idaho Supreme Court, visit the court’s website for information about ordering and cost.

What is the cost?

$10 for the first one and $2.50 for any additional certificates (for the same attorney on a single request).  Please use the Online Request Form to submit your request and pay by credit card. You can also send a written request to the Licensing Department. Please include your name, Idaho State Bar membership number, the address where the certificate should be sent, and appropriate fee. Please make checks payable to the Idaho State Bar.

How long does it usually take to process a request?

It usually takes approximately 3-4 working days to process a request. You can speed up the process by using the Online Request Form. Please do not expect to get a certificate on the same day it is ordered.

Can the certificate be picked up or sent overnight?

If you want to pick up the certificate when it’s ready, please include your name and phone number in your request. If you provide your FedEx account number, we can send the certificate by overnight delivery.

How do I request discipline records?

For admission, a record of your disciplinary history is often required along with the certificate of good standing. The Bar Counsel’s Office handles requests for discipline records.

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