Coaches Needed for High School Mock Trial

Attorney coaches needed for high school mock trial teams in Meridian and Blackfoot

Renaissance High School (Meridian) and Snake River Opportunities School (Blackfoot) are participating in the 2024 Idaho’s High School Mock Trial Competition and need an attorney or attorneys to help coach their teams from January to Mid-March.

Attorney coaches serves as consultants for teams, advising team members as they navigate the case materials and prepare for competition. Attorney coach tasks include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the mock trial materials (including the case, the rules of competition, and the simplified rules of evidence).
  • Helping teams prepare opening and closing statements, direct and cross examination, and witness performance.
  • If possible, attending regional and (if qualified) state competitions with teams.

While the scheduling attorney coach time is upon mutual agreement between the attorney and the teacher-sponsor, attorney-coaches typically spend about 3 hours a week helping with mock trial teams. They meet with their teams once a week or once every other week either in person or on Zoom and are available to answer questions from the teacher and team members between meetings.

Attorneys can coach individually or can partner with other attorneys to form coaching teams. The Idaho Law Foundation’s Law Related Education Program will provide you with a coaching manual and training videos, and can connect you with other attorney coaches who can serve as mentors for newer attorney coaches.

Contact Carey Shoufler if you are interested or would like more information. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Amendment of Idaho Infraction Rule 9(b), Infraction Penalty Schedule

Reminder: New Electronic Filing Fee for Civil Cases – Effective Dec. 15th

Parties to civil cases filed in Idaho state courts will soon be charged a $5 fee to file documents online through an electronic “envelope.” This change will now take effect Dec. 15, two weeks later than previously announced.

The fee is charged by the vendor that provides the e-filing software used by Idaho courts. The Idaho Supreme Court to date has covered this fee for filers, but amid a reassessment of court technology spending determined it no longer has the resources to do so. Passing this minor cost to filers is the best step to preserve other technology funding for existing court services.

Today’s courts rely on a robust suite of technology including digital case files, videoconferencing, online fine and fee payments, and underlying networking and security systems. The Supreme Court over the past two years has publicly discussed the challenges around funding this technology, including the e-filing fee. As noted in recent annual reports, revenues in the legislatively established court technology fund are declining while the costs of supporting access to justice in a modern court system are on the rise.

The new e-filing fee does not apply in criminal cases or to filers who are exempt from paying court filing fees under existing laws or regulations. It will be a recoverable cost of litigation through existing court rules.

The fee is not a requirement to file in an Idaho court. Any party who is required to file electronically by Rule 4 of the Idaho Rules for Electronic Filing and Service may choose to do so using a kiosk at their local courthouse, paying any applicable fees by cash or check at the office of the clerk of the district court. For civil filings done in this manner, the filer will not be charged the envelope fee.

More information about the envelope fee can be found in this fact sheet

2023 Season of Thanks CLE Bundle – Now through Dec. 22nd

Limited Time Offer – November 20th through December 22nd – 12 CLE credits (self-study) for only $200.  Idaho Programs! Idaho MCLE Approved!

The Idaho Law Foundation is offering the special Season of Thanks Bundle Package to thank our members for their support throughout the year.  The bundle includes 12.0 CLE self-study credits for only $200!  You will be given 90 days to make your program selections, with an additional 90 days following your selection to view each program. By selecting online, on-demand streaming, you will have the convenience to watch whenever and wherever you like!

Please Note: You will not be eligible to receive additional credit for the CLEs listed above you have attended or watched in the past. No refunds will be provided. No extensions will be awarded. All sales are final.

Your support of Idaho Law Foundation CLE programming provides the necessary resources to fulfill the Foundation’s goal of enriching the public’s understanding of and respect for the law and legal system. To take advantage of this great offer, select: 2023 Season of Thanks Bundle.

*After you purchase your bundle, it is helpful to also have this list of courses up on a separate screen so that you can easily see the credits for each course to choose the 12.0 credits that you would like to watch. Please contact Colleen Austin in our office with any questions.

If you already have your credits for this reporting period, please watch the courses after the first of the year for them to count for the next reporting period.

  • Discrimination Based on Gender: Reconciling Bostock in a Rapidly Evolving Workplace (2022) – 1.0 CLE Credits
  • Millennials Rising: This Ain’t Your Parents’ Legal Profession (2022) – 1.5 CLE Credits
  • The Climate of Civility and Professionalism in the Practice of Law in Idaho (2021) – 2.0 Ethics Credits
  • Expert Disclosures: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (2022) – 1.0 CLE Credits / NAC Approved
  • From Alston to NIL to Future Employment? Recent Legal Developments in College Athletics Governance (2022) – 1.5 CLE Credits
  • 2022 Lessons from the Masters (2022) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Noteworthy and Recent Cases on Ethics (2022) – 1.0 Ethics Credits
  • Forensic Meteorology: Revealing Weather-Related Truths (2022) – 1.5 CLE Credits
  • Recent Cases on Ethics and Common Questions to Bar Counsel (2022) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Appellate Mediation (2022) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Bankruptcy for Beginners: The 10 Things EVERY Lawyer Should Know (2022) – 1.0 CLE Credits
  • Introduction to Tribal Law (2022) – 1.0 CLE Credits
  • 2022 Headline News (2022) – 6.0 CLE credits of which 1.0 Ethics
  • Hog-Tight Fences and Dirk-Knives: Decoding Statutes from Idaho’s Infancy (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First Appeal (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Local Rules Update and Practice Pointers (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • 2021 Lessons from the Masters (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Internet Defamation (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • So, You’re Going to the United States Supreme Court – Now What? (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Recalibrating Your Law Practice for the Evolving Cybersecurity Threats (2021) – 1.5 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • The History of Idaho in the Ninth Circuit (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Emerging Issues in the Trademark Law and Unfair Competition (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • The Climate of Civility and Professionalism in the Practice of Law in Idaho (2021) – 2.0 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Writing (2021) – 1.0 CLE credits
  • Handling Your First or Next Medical Malpractice Case (2021) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Criminal Domestic Violence Case (2021) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Assisting your Client with Business Succession Planning (2021) – 1.0 CLE credit
  • Hindsight in 2020: IP Law Lessons Not to Learn the Hard Way (2020) – 1.0 CLE credit
  • The Show Must Go On: Resuming Jury Selection Post-Pandemic (2020) – 1.0 CLE credit
  • The Ethics of Self-Care (2020) – 1.0 Ethics credit / NAC Approved
  • 2020 Lessons from the Masters (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics
  • Ethical Guidance for Cyber-Crime Prevention and Response (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics
  • Violence in the Legal Profession: A Study of Idaho and our Colleagues Nationwide (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Ten Things All Idaho Lawyers Should Know About Indian Law and Business or Murder? The U.S. Supreme Court and Herrera v. Wyoming (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • The Life Cycle of an Estate Plan: Understanding Estate Planning Strategies and Use of Basic Wills and Trusts (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits 1.0 / NAC Approved
  • Con Law by the Numbers (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • Lawyer Well-Being: What’s It Got to Do with Me? (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Holistic Trial Work: Viewing Your Case with an Eye Towards Appeal and Viewing Your Appeal with an Eye Toward Remand (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Matter Involving the Sale or Acquisition of a Small Business (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • Social Media & Ethics (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics
  • Understanding and Representing Clients Who’ve Experienced Trauma in Family Law Matters – What You Need to Know About Trauma (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Handling Your First or Next Motor Vehicle Crash Case (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Child Support Enforcement Case (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Wrongful Death Case (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Clearing Barriers to Military Legal Readiness (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .75 are Ethics
  • A View From the Appellate Bench in Idaho (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics / NAC Approved
  • 2019 Lessons from the Masters (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 is Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • Technology and a New Generation: How Progress Affects Professional Responsibility (2019) – 2.0 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • Can I Get This Tweet Admitted? Evidentiary Issues in the Digital Age (2019) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Real Estate Case (2019) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • Hot Topics in Employment Law (2019) – 3.25 CLE credits
  • Handling Your First or Next Wrongful Death Case (2019) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved

Idaho Supreme Court Order Re: Disqualification Without Cause