MCLE Compliance Extension Deadline- 3/1

Each active member of the Bar must complete 30 hours of MCLE credit, including 3 hours of ethics, every three (3) years. Extensions until March 1, 2023 are available. The extension fee is $100. More information on MCLE Compliance.

If there are credits that need to be added to your records please use our MCLE Application Form or MCLE Attendance Form

If your MCLE reporting period ends in 2022, please remember live webcasts qualify for live credit. Search for ISB/ILF live courses on our website by clicking here.  These include webcast, audio streams and in-person courses.  To search by topic for ISB/ILF on-demand courses that qualify as self-study, please click here. You can search for other Idaho-approved CLE courses developed by other course providers here.

Out of State Reporting

Under Idaho Bar Commission Rule (IBCR) 408, an Idaho State Bar member whose principal office for the practice of law is in another state may use their MCLE compliance from the other state to meet the Idaho MCLE requirements if the attorney meets the Reporting Requirements listed below.

Qualifications. An attorney whose principal office for the practice of law is not in Idaho may comply with the Idaho MCLE requirements by filing a compliance report, on a form prescribed by the Board, certifying that:

  1. The attorney is subject to the mandatory CLE credit requirements in the jurisdiction where his or her principal office for the practice of law is located;
  2. The attorney complied with that jurisdiction’s mandatory CLE requirements within the past three (3) years by submission and approval of the required credits; and
  3. The attorney is currently in compliance with the mandatory CLE credit requirements in that jurisdiction.

Certificate of Compliance.  An attorney submitting a compliance report from another state must provide a mandatory CLE certificate of compliance, or similar verification, from the other jurisdiction that includes the following information:

  1. Confirmation that the attorney is in compliance with the mandatory CLE requirements;
  2. The attorney’s current mandatory CLE reporting period;
  3. The date that the attorney’s previous mandatory CLE reporting period ended; and
  4. Confirmation that the attorney complied with the mandatory CLE requirements by submission of approved credits during the previous reporting period.

Use our online Licensing Forms Upload to submit these completed forms.


  1. Satisfaction of CLE requirements in Alaska or Hawaii does not satisfy Idaho’s mandatory CLE requirements.
  2. Attorneys licensed in other jurisdictions are not exempted from the New Admittee Education requirements.
  3. Attorneys claiming specialty certification shall comply with the requirements of the applicable certifying organization for completion of CLE credits in the specialty area.
  4. Attorneys who transferred to Active status under IBCR 306 shall comply with the CLE requirements applicable to the Transfer.

For more information, view the Idaho Bar Commission Rules Section IV.