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Attendance Verification Information

If you want to have an Idaho MCLE approved course included on your Idaho State Bar MCLE attendance records, there are two ways to do it.

Course Provider Attendance List

This is the simplest and most reliable way to get your name on the ISB attendance records.  Most course providers understand the importance of keeping good attendance information and will send this information to us if you ask.  If the provider keeps track of attendance, make sure to always sign the attendance sheets.  Your name should be clear and legible.  Always include your ISB membership number on the sign-in sheets.  Ask the course provider to send us a copy of the attendance list. We prefer providers to use our online attendance submission form HERE, but they can use their own form as long as it contains the same information.  With the providers’ attendance list in our files, we should not need to do any further checking on attendance even if your MCLE compliance is audited.

ISB Attorney Self-Verification of Attendance

If the course provider does not keep track of attendance or if you have difficulties getting the provider to certify your attendance, you can verify your own attendance by submitting an online self-verification form with the ISB approved course number.

If the course has not been approved for Idaho MCLE credit, you must apply for accreditation. A course cannot be used to meet your MCLE requirements until it has been approved for Idaho MCLE credit. For more information about applying for credit, visit our MCLE Accreditation page.

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