Notice of Opportunity to Submit Applications for the Position of Court of Appeals Judge – Deadline 9/13

Notice is hereby given that the Judicial Council is now accepting applications for the position of Court of Appeals Judge. The Idaho Judicial Council is starting the process of selecting nominees to fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Honorable Amanda K. Brailsford as a United States District Judge for the District of Idaho, effective immediately. The current salary of a Court of Appeals judge is $157,212. (Comprehensive information about the benefits afforded judges is available by clicking here.)                 

Under Idaho Code § 34-616 (5), to be appointed to the office of judge, a person must, at the time of appointment meet all the following qualifications:   

(a) Be at least thirty (30) years of age; 

(b) Be a citizen of the United States and an elector in the state of Idaho; 

(c) Have been a legal resident of the state of Idaho for at least two (2) continuous years immediately preceding such appointment; 

(d) Have been in good standing as an active or judicial member of the Idaho state bar for at least two (2) continuous years immediately preceding such appointment; and 

(e) Have held a license to practice law or held a judicial office in one (1) or more  jurisdictions for at least ten (10) continuous years immediately preceding such appointment.   

Application forms are available on the Judicial Council website. You must use the 7/1/2020 application form. Completed application must be received in the Judicial Council office no later than 3:00 P.M., September 13th, 2023   

Applications should be submitted to:

Idaho Judicial Council 

P.O. Box 1397 

Boise, Idaho 83701   

For hand delivery or via Federal Express please contact the Judicial Council Office at (208) 334-5213 for directions.   

Immediately following receipt of the applications, the Judicial Council will circulate a questionnaire to the Bar via e-mail and to the general public concerning the qualifications of the applicants and will notify each applicant of the time and date for personal interviews. The Council is currently planning to meet in November 2023, in Boise, Idaho for interviews and selection of the nominees.