Idaho Law Foundation Year in Review

By Fonda L. Jovick

Dear Law Foundation Members and Friends,

Thank you for being part of our important work. We appreciate your ongoing commitment to the work of the Idaho Law Foundation.

As you read through the information in this year’s annual review, you will see some of the many things we’ve accomplished. This is a brief snapshot of what the dedicated staff and volunteers of the Idaho Law Foundation have achieved with your donations and volunteer assistance.

I hope you have a sense of pride in knowing that you helped create this success. As we look forward, I urge you to continue to show your support for the Idaho Law Foundation, an organization that does so much for Idaho communities and citizens on our behalf.

Thank you again for all you do for the Idaho Law Foundation and the people of Idaho. It is my privilege to serve as the President of this wonderful organization and I look forward to working with you to help the profession serve the public.

Continuing Legal Education

Enhancing the education and competence of our members

  • Increased overall attendance for ILF sponsored CLE programs by 11%.
  • Shifted attendance from Online CLE to In-Person CLE, with a growth of 857% from the prior three years.

“As a presenter during the New Attorney Program, I get to connect directly with new lawyers about issues such as depression, anxiety, and alcohol and substance abuse that plague the legal community and what it means to serve those who suffer. It is an honor to be asked to discuss why giving back to our legal community is so vital for a healthy bar.” – Mack Mayo, CLE Volunteer, Attorney at Paine Hamblin

Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program

Increasing access to civil legal services for low-income Idahoans

  • A clinic attorney helped a brave, young woman review her social security disability appeal. She arrived at the clinic feeling desperate and left telling us that she was so grateful for the patience and compassion that the attorney showed her as they prepared for her day in court.
  • A senior citizen who had just lost her son and was going through probate was helped by two clinic attorneys collaborating their time and expertise to get her the help that she needed during a time when she was overwhelmed with grief and the task of raising her young granddaughter.
  • A homeless man who was struggling to gain financial stability was helped by a clinic attorney who took the time to advocate for him over the phone to an agency that was wrongfully suing him.
  • An undocumented family was protected from enduring further violence with the help of clinic attorney who went above and beyond to research international service of family law documents.

“The unmet legal needs in our community far exceed existing resources. Many legal organizations are limited by the types of cases and clients they can help. IVLP is different because they don’t deny services to anyone based on legal issues involved. IVLP attorneys get to help clients with issues from family law to social security benefits to the reduction of criminal charges. I can help a client with on-the-spot advice if the problem is simple, provide the client with a referral, or take on a more significant role. And when I meet with a client who has a legal problem outside my expertise, IVLP gives me access to skilled and knowledgeable mentors who provide me with the information and guidance I need. In addition, IVLP clinics are offered at various locations and days so I can always find a clinic that works with my schedule.” – Shannon R., IVLP Volunteer

Law Related Education

Enhancing public understanding of and respect for the law and our legal system

  • Coordinated the Idaho High School Mock Trial Competition for 216 students from 24 teams and six courtroom artists.
  • Recruited 138 teachers, judges, attorneys, and other community leaders who donated their time to serve as mock trial coaches, advisors, judges, and competition staff.
  • Developed and piloted a seven-part online mock trial training series to help newer coaches and competitors understand the skills necessary to participate in the mock trial competition.
  • Awarded the second Mock Trial Civility & Ethics Award, created to highlight the importance of civility and professionalism among teams. The Logos School from Moscow was chosen by the other teams as the recipient of this year’s award.
Caroline Brown, senior at The Ambrose School and a member of Idaho’s National High School Mock Trial team was selected as one of 10 Outstanding Student Attorneys at the 2023 National High School Mock Trial Competition.

Caroline Brown, a senior at The Ambrose School and a member of Idaho’s National High School Mock Trial team, was selected as one of 10 Outstanding Student Attorneys at the 2023 national competition. Caroline said she felt honored to have her name called and receive recognition among the nearly 400 other eloquent, talented, and knowledgeable competitors.

Caroline’s coach, Nick Duncan, reported that this is the first time a student from Ambrose has received an Outstanding Attorney Award. “I was not surprised. Caroline has a presence that demands the attention of the judges, jury, and even her competitors. In fact, the presiding judge from one of our trials told me that Caroline was the best attorney in the room, and that she owned the courtroom.”

As Caroline finishes her high school mock trial career and heads off to the University of Texas, she leaves a legacy as a great mock trial competitor that will be remembered. Hon. Jessica Lorello shared that she was pleased to learn that Caroline received the Outstanding Attorney Award. “Having had the privilege of seeing Caroline in action over the past few years and having worked with her in preparing for competition, I know the award was well-deserved. Caroline’s hard work and natural talent made her one of the best attorneys I have seen in mock trial.”

Support the Idaho Law Foundation

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Fonda L. Jovick is one of the three experienced mediators/arbitrators at River’s Edge Mediation. She is also serving as the current President of the Idaho Law Foundation, Inc. Ms. Jovick has over 15 years of experience working in a variety of legal practice areas including commercial and complex litigation, real estate transactions and litigation, estate planning, probate and trusts, as well as family law.