2022 U.S. District of Idaho Bench-Bar Conference – Oct. 28th

  • The District of Idaho will be hosting two in-person bench-bar conferences this year: October 7, 2022, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Idaho Falls and October 28, 2022, at Boise Centre in Boise. We look forward to catching up after multiple years apart!
  • This year’s conference is titled “Navigating Your Federal Practice with Confidence.” With so many changes and uncertainties at both the local and national levels these days, how can the legal profession keep up? The aim of this year’s conference is to provide information to help you navigate how these changes are impacting federal practitioners.
  • First on the agenda is a look at water rights in Idaho — both how they have been historically adjudicated and how to deal with these rights in a changing climate. Next, we’ll examine how electronically stored information (ESI) impacts discovery and ways you can avoid adverse outcomes in litigation as technology evolves.
  • After lunch, Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Berkeley Law and nationally recognized expert on constitutional law, will review the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent term and highlight what to expect in the upcoming term via Zoom. Look for your opportunity to pose questions in advance on your registration form. Next, with numerous new federal judges joining the bench in the last two years, our District of Idaho law clerks will take the stage to share chambers’ practices and how to prepare for cases with each of our federal judges. 
  • Finally, we’ll have some fun with an engaging game of Judicial Jeopardy! designed to test your knowledge of our federal judges, Idaho legal history, and new practice rules.
  • Both Idaho Falls and Boise will feature the same sessions (with just a small tweak to presenters).

  • October 28, 2022: Boise
  1. Agenda
  2. Registration
  • Pricing:
  • Attorneys – General: $95.00
  • Attorneys – Federal: $50.00
  • Federal Court Interpreters: $0.00 ($25.00 for lunch)
  • Law School Faculty: $50.00
  • Judges: $0.00
  • Law Students: $0.00 ($25.00 for lunch)
  • Paralegals: $50.00

  • CLE Credit:
  • 5.75 hours of MCLE pending (including 0.5 hours of Ethics credit) 

Pro Bono Tour 2022!

2022 Fall Immigration Skills Conference – Sponsored by The University of Idaho College of Law

October 6, 2022 – October 7, 2022

Location: 501 W Front St. Boise, ID 83702 (University of Idaho College of Law Building)

In Person & Virtual Options

Immigrant Justice Idaho is proud to announce the 2022 Fall Immigration Skills Conference. This event will be held in both an In-Person and Virtual format, with opportunities for participants to participate in a few social events over the two conference days. The first day of the conference will focus on information relevant to attorneys and other legal professionals, while the second day will be open to the public and will cover a wide range of immigration topics.

Registration is now open! Click HERE to register.

See the full Agenda HERE

SpringHill Suites Boise ParkCenter:

Phone: (208) 342-1044

Book your group rate for Immigrant Justice Idaho

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Boise Airport:

Phone: (208) 342-4322, Dial “0” at the prompt for booking agent.

Immigrant Justice Idaho Fall Conference

2022 Back to School CLE Bundle – Extended to Sept. 30th

2022 Back to School CLE Bundle

Limited Time Offer – Extended through September 30th – 12 CLE credits (self-study) for only $125.  Idaho Programs! Idaho MCLE Approved!

With the kids back in class it is a great time to sharpen your pencil too!  Between September 6th and 30th, the Idaho Law Foundation is offering the Back to School Bundle Package, which includes 12.0 CLE self-study credits for only $125!  You will be given 90 days to make your program selections, with an additional 90 days following your selection to view each program. By selecting online, on-demand streaming, you will have the convenience to watch whenever and wherever you like!

Please Note: You will not be eligible to receive additional credit for the CLEs listed above you have attended or watched in the past. No refunds will be provided. No extensions will be awarded. All sales are final.

Your support of Idaho Law Foundation CLE programming provides the necessary resources to fulfill the Foundation’s goal of enriching the public’s understanding of and respect for the law and legal system. To take advantage of this great offer, select: 2022 Back to School Bundle.

*After you purchase your bundle, it is helpful to also have this list of courses up on a separate screen so that you can easily see the credits for each course to choose the 12.0 credits that you would like. You will be given 7 tokens in total, one to use on each course. Please contact Carissa Carns with any questions.

  • Hog-Tight Fences and Dirk-Knives: Decoding Statutes from Idaho’s Infancy (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First Appeal (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Local Rules Update and Practice Pointers (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • 2021 Lessons from the Masters (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics / NAC Approved
  • Internet Defamation (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • So, You’re Going to the United States Supreme Court – Now What? (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Recalibrating Your Law Practice for the Evolving Cybersecurity Threats (2021) – 1.5 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • The History of Idaho in the Ninth Circuit (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Emerging Issues in the Trademark Law and Unfair Competition (2021) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • The Climate of Civility and Professionalism in the Practice of Law in Idaho (2021) – 2.0 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • 2020 Lessons from the Masters (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 are Ethics
  • Ethical Guidance for Cyber-Crime Prevention and Response (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics
  • Violence in the Legal Profession: A Study of Idaho and our Colleagues Nationwide (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Ten Things All Idaho Lawyers Should Know About Indian Law and Business or Murder? The U.S. Supreme Court and Herrera v. Wyoming (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • The Life Cycle of an Estate Plan: Understanding Estate Planning Strategies and Use of Basic Wills and Trusts (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits 1.0 / NAC Approved
  • Con Law by the Numbers (2020) – 2.0 CLE credits
  • Lawyer Well-Being: What’s It Got to Do with Me? (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Holistic Trial Work: Viewing Your Case with an Eye Towards Appeal and Viewing Your Appeal with an Eye Toward Remand (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Social Media & Ethics (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 are Ethics
  • Understanding and Representing Clients Who’ve Experienced Trauma in Family Law Matters – What You Need to Know About Trauma (2020) – 1.5 CLE credits
  • Clearing Barriers to Military Legal Readiness (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .75 are Ethics
  • A View From the Appellate Bench in Idaho (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which 1.5 / NAC Approved
  • 2019 Lessons from the Masters (2019) – 1.5 CLE credits of which .5 is Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • Technology and a New Generation: How Progress Affects Professional Responsibility (2019) – 2.0 Ethics credits / NAC Approved
  • Can I Get This Tweet Admitted? Evidentiary Issues in the Digital Age (2019) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Divorce Case (2018) – 1.75 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Construction Law Case (2018) – 2.0 CLE credits / NAC Approved
  • Handling Your First or Next Immigration Law Case (2018) – 2.0 CLE credits

2022 Resolution Deadline – Sept. 26

Unlike many state bars, the Idaho State Bar cannot take positions on legislative matters, rules of court, or substantive rules governing the Bar itself at its Annual Meeting or by act of its Bar Commissioners without first submitting such matters to the membership through the Resolution Process.

The Resolution Process is set forth in Idaho Bar Commission Rule 906. Resolutions may be submitted by a District Bar Association, the Board of Commissioners, a Bar committee, or an individual member of the Bar. Resolutions submitted by a District Bar Association, the Board of Commissioners, or the Idaho Supreme Court are automatically included in the resolution process.

2022 Resolution Process

2021 Resolution Results

Important Dates

  • 2022 Dates:
  • Monday September 26th – Resolution submission deadline
  • Monday December 5th – Ballot deadline