Intellectual Property Law Scholarship – Deadline May 31

The Intellectual Property Law Section of the Idaho State Bar is pleased to offer a scholarship to a law student with a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in intellectual property law.

Scholarship Award

The Intellectual Property Law Scholarship will be awarded to the eligible applicant who best meets the Selection Criteria listed below, as determined by a committee of the Idaho State Bar’s Intellectual Property Law Section.  The selected scholarship winner will receive a one-time award of $1,500.00, which will be presented to the winner during the Summer of 2022.


Law students preparing to be enrolled as a full-time student in their 2L or 3L year during the 2022–2023 academic year at an Idaho law school are eligible to apply for the Intellectual Property Law Scholarship.

Selection Criteria

The Scholarship recipient will be selected by a committee of the Intellectual Property Law Section based on the following criteria:

  • Interest and commitment to pursuing a career in intellectual property law (patent, copyright, trademark, unfair competition, trade secret, and licensing issues) and anticipated involvement in this field in Idaho after receipt of the scholarship
  • Dedication to the principles of ethics, civility, and professionalism
  • Academic excellence
  • Leadership and involvement with community service

Application Materials

Applicants are to submit the following for consideration:

  • Personal statement (limit of two pages) detailing how the applicant meets the Selection Criteria
  • Resumé
  • Law School Transcripts (unofficial is acceptable)
  • List of three references, including name, relation to applicant, and contact information

Submitting Application

Application materials are to be transmitted via e-mail to the Chair of the IP Law Section (Matthew Harvey at who will then distribute the application materials to the scholarship committee members.  The submission email shall include “Intellectual Property Law Scholarship” in the subject line and body of the email.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. (Mountain Time) on May 31, 2022, only.  The Scholarship recipient will be selected in June 2022.

About the Intellectual Property Law Section

The Intellectual Property Law Section of the Idaho State Bar was founded in 1994 to enhance the skills of its members and to serve the interest of the public concerning the field of intellectual property law.  There are over 100 members of the Intellectual Property Law Section, and membership is open to any member of the Idaho State Bar in good standing, any Registered Patent Agent in good standing, and any law student, law professor, or judicial clerk. 

For additional information, please contact an officer of the Intellectual Property Law Section.

Idaho Judicial Council Position Opening

The Board of Commissioners of the Idaho State Bar is accepting applicants for an attorney member of the Idaho Judicial Council; for a five-year term that commences in June.
The Idaho Judicial Council is empowered by statute to nominate to the Governor persons for appointments to vacancies in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and district courts. It may make recommendations to the Supreme Court for the removal, discipline, and retirement of judicial officers. It is comprised of seven members. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is chair, a district court judge and two lawyers appointed by the governing board of the Idaho bar with the consent of the state senate and three non-attorney members appointed by the Governor with the consent of the senate. Sitting in its disciplinary capacity, the Council may investigate complaints against justices, court of appeals judges or judges of the district courts or magistrate divisions, and members of the Industrial Commission, and in appropriate cases it may recommend to the Supreme Court the removal, discipline or retirement of a justice, judge, or magistrate judge. 

In making its selection, the Commission will be guided by the following statutory considerations, found in Idaho Code Section 1-2101: Appointment shall be made with due consideration for area representation and not more than three (3) of the permanent appointed members shall be from one (1) political party.

Idaho State Bar members interested in the position should submit a letter of interest along with a resume or biographical sketch to the Idaho State Bar office by May 5, 2022.  Submissions must include information about the applicant, why the applicant is interested in the position, and a bio or resume.

Letters and questions may be directed to: Diane Minnich, Executive Director, Idaho State Bar, P.O. Box 895, Boise, ID 83701, 208-334-4500. 

Well-Being in the Law Week – Take Time to Focus on You!

The Idaho State Bar Attorney Well-Being Task Force invites you to celebrate Well-Being in the Law Week, May 2nd through May 6th. Join other members of the profession, the courts and support staff by participating in these free activities that will improve your overall well-being.

We will focus on a different aspect of well-being Monday through Friday. Every day you will have at least three different suggestions for activities and education. This “well- rounded” wheel shows the well-being emphasis for each day of the week. There is something for everyone!

Click on the days of the week for specific activities including something to watch, something to read and something to do that is focused on an element of well-being for each day.

LISTEN TO THIS: The Joy of Movement, podcast interview of Dr. Kelly McGonigal about the latest research on why movement is so important for many facets of our wellbeing, 41 mins.

READ THIS: Reframe How You Think About Self-Care by Liane Davey. You might want to reconsider whether squeezing more into today is worth sacrificing what you can contribute tomorrow.

DO THIS: Get Moving Challenge. Peruse the Get Moving Activity Guide and pick a physical activity that you haven’t tried before and try it out this week. Inspire others by posting about it on social media using the hashtag #WellbeingWeekInLaw.

Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind. – Nelson Mandela

WATCH THIS: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude TED talk, 9:30 mins. Time-lapse photography of awe-inspiring nature scenes with powerful words from a Benedictine monk as a meditation on being grateful for every day.

READ THIS: 21 Spiritual Goals to Grow in 2022 by Connie Mathers. Setting spiritual goals helps us connect to our spiritual side and gain clarity on the purpose of your life.

DO THIS: Cultivate Your Sense of Purpose. Take a free Purpose in Life Quiz and receive automatic feedback and recommendations for purpose-building activities, courtesy of the non-profit Greater Good Magazine.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. – Pablo Picasso

LISTEN TO THIS: How to Be Happier at Work, 54:29 mins. On the Happiness Lab Podcast, Yale psychologist Dr. Leslie Santos talks with Dan Harris (from Ten Percent Happier) about how to find greater happiness at work.

READ THIS: Positive Psychology in the Workplace by Brad Desmond. Founder of positive psychology Dr. Martin Seligman’s “PERMA” model offers five pathways to well-being. Learn how to apply them at work.

DO THIS: After reading the article above, take the Workplace PERMA Profiler (it’s free on U Penn’s Authentic Happiness website; you’ll just need to set up a free account). Make a plan (individually or with your work team) to increase one PERMA element over the next month.

“Passion for your work is a little bit of discovery, followed by a lot of development, and
then a lifetime of deepening.” – Angela Duckworth, psychologist and author of Grit

WATCH THIS: Creating More Lollipop Moments, TEDx talk, 6 mins. Drew Dudley talks about how everyday acts of kindness or social connection can have a large impact.

READ THIS: Want Stronger Relationships at Work? Change the Way You Listen by Manbir Kaur. Conversations that encourage cooperation and understanding result in the release of hormones like oxytocin that reinforce a bonding experience.

DO THIS: Be a Joy Multiplier. Read about how enthusiastically responding to others’ good news (called Active Constructive Responding or ACR) builds trust and connection. Then peruse an ACR Worksheet created by the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (yes, the U.S. military teaches ACR!) and get started today practicing your ACR skills to build stronger relationships.

“That which isn’t good for the hive, isn’t good for the bee.” – Marcus Aurelius

LISTEN TO THIS: The Amazing Impact of Self Talk and How to Master It, 1:07 hr, podcast interview of Dr. Ethan Kross, author of bestseller Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It.

READ THIS: You’ve Done Self Care. You’ve Languished. Now Try This, by Brad Stulberg. As the pandemic slogs on, many of us want to feel motivated and get unstuck. An evidence-based practice called behavioral activation—committing to engaging in valued and enjoyable activities—might help.

DO THIS: Vanquish Languishing. After reading the article above, check out the Vanquishing Languishing Activity Guide. It offers guidance on how to use behavioral activation strategies to incorporate more enjoyable and valued activities into your life to foster greater engagement and vitality.

“Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and
we obey them without realizing it.” -Vincent van Gogh

Thank you to the Institute for Well-Being in Law (IWIL) for leading the effort to raise awareness of the importance of well-being for all. For additional information, resources, and activities, please visit the Institute for Well-Being in Law website.  

Member of ISB’s Attorney Well-Being Task Force wish all of you continued health and well-being, especially following these challenging times.  If you are in need of any particular assistance, the Idaho Lawyer’s Assistance Program and its website offers resources in a wide range of areas—please do not hesitate to reach out.

Keep the Momentum Going Throughout May with the 31-Day Mental Health Challenge!

Check out this calendar for tips to make your life and work a little easier by focusing on yourself and you loved ones in the month of May.

Share Gratitude and Kindness with Others!

Easily send notes of gratitude, encouragement, and affection using IWIL’s e-card form.

If you have suggestions for activities for the Attorney Well-Being Task Force, please feel free to email the chair Julie Stomper at

Access to Justice FUND Run- Register Now!

We are happy to announce that the Access to Justice Fund Run is back on June 4th.

Richard C. Fields Civility Award Nominations

The Idaho State Bar Professionalism & Ethics Section present the Richard C. Fields Civility Award each year. Dick Fields was consistently recognized for his service, professionalism, and leadership within the Idaho State Bar and was known in the legal community as an advocate for civility in the practice of law. Dick received the Idaho State Bar’s Distinguished Lawyer Award in 2000 and chaired the Dean’s Advisory Council at Concordia Law since its inception in 2009, until his passing in April 2014. In honor of Dick’s memory and the legacy he left for future generations of lawyers in Idaho, this award is presented to an Idaho lawyer who demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and civility in the profession. 

Previous recipients include:

2014            Hon. Mikel H. Williams

2015            Reginald R. Reeves

2016            William F. (Bud) Yost III

2017            Richard E. Hall

2018            Theodore E. Argyle

2019            Charles A. Homer

2020            B. Newel Squyres

2021            Paula A. Landholm Kluksdal

How do you nominate an individual

Email your nomination to the Chair of the Idaho Professionalism and Ethics Bar Section, Erica White at, by May 13, 2022

Who can nominate someone?

Anyone who knows and is familiar with the attorney.  In the past, great nominations have been received from judges, legal assistants/paralegals, law clerks and community members.

Who can be nominated?

Any attorney, who primarily practices in Idaho, who demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and civility and is an example to his or her peers.

For the 2022 award, the selection committee kindly asks you to refrain from nominating an attorney posthumously or a member of the judiciary, even though both categories undisputedly have several qualified nominees.

What should the nomination include?

The composition of the nomination submission is up to the nominator.  It can be a few sentences about the person being nominated and why he or she is qualified.  It can be a formal letter.  Numerous people can get together and submit a nomination “packet” for one person, or each person can submit his or her own nomination.  Information about activities participated in and/or examples or conduct which you believe demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and civility are helpful.

Amendments to Idaho Court Administrative Rule 75 – Effective April 4, 2022

The Idaho Supreme Court has issued an Order amending the Idaho Court Administrative Rule 75. Please read the full Order linked below:

In RE: Amendments to Idaho Court Administrative Rule (I.C.A.R.) 75

Comments Sought on Idaho Juvenile Rules & “New” Idaho Criminal Rule

The Idaho Supreme Court’s Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee is seeking input on proposed revisions to Idaho Juvenile Rule 26 and a proposed “New” Idaho Criminal Rule.  A copy of the revisions can be found on the court’s website at

Please send your comments to Deena Layne, by Thursday, April 21, 2022

Idaho Juvenile Rules & “New” Idaho Criminal Rule

Comments Sought on Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure

The Idaho Supreme Court’s Children and Families in the Courts Committee is seeking input on proposed revisions to the Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure.  A copy of the revisions can be found on the court’s website at

Please send your comments to Deena Layne, by Thursday, April 21, 2022

Comments Sought on Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure Amendments