The Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers (IALL) is a highly selective and well-regarded leadership training program for lawyers from across the State of Idaho.  It brings together some of the best and brightest attorneys in Idaho and teaches them leadership skills that they can use to improve the legal profession and transform their communities. 

Qualified applicants will have been admitted to practice law for at least five years, or be licensed to practice law and have five years professional work experience. The training involves an initial two-day session followed by four one-day sessions and a graduation. Each class consists of a diverse group of 12-16 members of the Idaho State Bar. Each participant must commit to the five scheduled IALL sessions. At the completion of the first year program, IALL graduates will be asked to develop, implement, and evaluate a legacy project the following year to benefit their local legal community and/or their community as a whole.

The mission of the Idaho Academy of Leadership for Lawyers (IALL) is to promote diversity and inspire the development of leadership within the legal profession. IALL will bring together lawyers from different practice areas with a variety of backgrounds from all across Idaho. IALL will build upon the participant’s leadership skills and promote leadership experiences by:

  • Teaching accepted and recognized leadership skills and philosophies;
  • Fostering professional relationships within the Idaho legal community and the greater community;
  • Promoting professional obligations and community service; and
  • Raising awareness among lawyers of the broad range of issues and challenges facing leaders today.

For additional information regarding IALL, please contact Mahmood Sheikh, (208) 334-4500.

Participant Comments

"Participating in IALL was a great decision. The curriculum and speakers exposed me to valuable experiences and techniques to improve my communication and administrative skills. Even better than the training and instructors were the people who ran and participated in the program. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact and build friendships with some great people. I left the classroom [...] inspired to do more to improve my profession."

- Michael Porter, Caldwell

"IALL engenders professional development, camaraderie, self-improvement, and maybe even a little enlightenment. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with IALL. Meeting Idaho's legal greats and inspirational leaders in sports, business and the community will energize your professional practice and your personal volunteerism."

- Andrea Courtney, Boise

"Leadership skills are important for any lawyer or judge. By participating in the IALL program, I greatly improved my leadership skill set. The IALL program was an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience."

- Mischelle Fulgham, Coeur d'Alene

"Little did I appreciate when I was accepted into the IALL program how truly inspiring and beneficial this experience would be to me both professionally and personally. Through the IALL, I have been introduced to and developed lasting friendships with some of the finest attorneys and individuals I have ever met. The IALL seminars and assignments have inspired me to raise the bar. I now look for opportunities to be involved in the community and to share the wonderful things I have learned through the IALL."

- Bill Hancock, Pocatello

"The IALL program has been invaluable for establishing strong relationships and connections with other leaders in the Bar that I may not have otherwise had an opportunity to get to know. The programs and speakers are all in-depth, right on point, and have inspired me to get to work in my community to make a difference."

- Anna Eberlin, Boise

How to Apply

Please complete and return the IALL application, a cover letter providing information about yourself and two (2) reference letters to: Idaho State Bar, Attn: Mahmood Sheikh, PO Box 895, Boise, ID 83701 or hand-delivered to The Law Center, 525 W. Jefferson, Boise, ID, by 4:30 p.m. (MDT) on Friday, July 15, 2016. Selected applicants will be notified on July 29, 2016.

The tuition for participating in IALL is $750, payable in three equal installments by December 31, 2016. The fee covers costs associated with speaker fees, course materials, group meals and activities. IALL will provide a travel stipend to participants from the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 7th Districts to defray travel expenses, as its budget allows.

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Scholarship Information

IALL seeks to create a diverse and dynamic class each year.  If financial constraints would prevent you from applying for IALL, please apply and request a scholarship as scholarship funds are available.

Current Class Roster

Fafa Alidjani
Alidjani Law, PLLC - 4th District

Sean R. Beck
C.K. Quade Law, PLLC - 4th District

Sean J. Coletti
Hopkins Roden Crockett Hansen & Hoopes, PLLC - 7th District

Jana B. Gomez
City of Lewiston - 2nd District

Regan C. Jameson
Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney's Office - 3rd District

Tahja Lee Jensen
Ada County Public Defender's Office - 4th District

Caralee A. Lambert
Idaho State Bar - 4th District

Melodie A. McQuade
Givens Pursley LLP - 4th District

Jonathan E. Roundy
Ada County Prosecutor's Office

Michelle D. Vos
Attorney at Law - 4th District


Steering Committee

Current Committee Members

Gene A. Petty (Steering Committee Chair)
Ada County Prosecutor's Office - Boise

Amanda A. Breen
Amanda Breen Law, PLLC - Ketchum

Hon. Rudolph "Rick" Carnaroli
Bannock County Magistrate Court - Pocatello

Nicole C. Hancock
Stoel Rives, LLP - Boise

Tom Hardison
Generative Leadership Group, LLC - Boise

Joseph N. Pirtle
Elam & Burke, PA - Boise

Past Committee Members

Peg. M. Dougherty
Office of the Attorney General - Boise

Deborah A. Ferguson
The Law Office of Deborah A. Ferguson, PLLC - Boise

R. William Hancock, Jr.
Merrill & Merrill, Chtd. - Pocatello

Hon. Mick Hodges
Cassia County Magistrate Court - Burley

Jim Martin
Moffatt, Thomas Barrett, Rock & Fields, Chtd. - Boise

Mary "Molly" O'Leary
BizCounselor@Law, PLLC - Boise

Hon. Mikel H. Williams
U.S. District Court - Boise


Legacy Projects

Previous class members have implemented Legacy Projects across the State of Idaho that have assisted and engaged their local communities.  To view the list, select: IALL Legacy Projects.

Past Participants

To view previous IALL participants, select: IALL Class Roster PDF File - Get Acrobat ReaderGet Acrobat Reader

Previous Speakers & Topics

  • Reciprocity Ring - Gene Petty
  • Give and Take - Molly O'Leary & Hon. Rick Carnaroli
  • Uniting a Vision and a Goal - Coach Greg Patton
  • Strength Based Leadership - Bill Hancock
  • Introduction to Legacy Projects - Bill Hancock, Maureen Braley, Annie Kerrick and Jim Everett
  • Generational Teambuilding - Ken Jenkins
  • How to Stay Young in Spirit, Mind and Body? - Jim Everett
  • Leadership: Corporate Counsel Perspective - Joel Poppen
  • Lincoln on Leadership - David Leroy
  • Lunch with the Chief - Hon. Jim Jones
  • Leadership: Private Practice Practitioner Perspective - Trudy Fouser
  • Meaningful Meetings - Jana Kemp
  • Polarity Thinking - Tom Hardison
  • What Does a Leader Need to Succeed? - Krista McIntyre
  • Leadership and Diversity - Natalie Camacho Mendoza
  • 5 x 5 x 5 - Hon. Roger Burdick, Jan Bennetts, Deborah Ferguson, Michele Gustavson and Jim Martin
  • Public Speaking - Nancy Buffington
  • TED Talks or Video Clips Leadership Presentations - IALL Participants
  • Top of the Mind Awareness: Ensuring People Remember You - Mahmood Sheikh
  • Reciprocity Ring - Deborah Ferguson and Gene Petty
    Leadership and Diversity – Natalie Camacho Mendoza
    Uniting a Vision and a Goal - Coach Greg Patton
    Give and Take - Molly O’Leary & Gene Petty
    Strength Based Leadership - Deborah Ferguson & Peg Dougherty
    Generational Teambuilding – Ken Jenkins
    Being Mentored and Transitioning in Serving as a Mentor ­– Reed Larsen
    The Value of Public Service – Brian Kane
    Lincoln on Leadership - David Leroy
    A Bottled Washed Up on the Beach – Hon. Roger Burdick
    Leadership Balance / Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Cathy Light
    Legacy Projects - Gene Petty and select IALL Graduate
    What is Yours? Diane Minnich
    How to Stay Young in Sprit, Mind and Body - Jim Everett
    Top of the Mind Awareness: Ensuring People Remember You – Mahmood Sheikh
    Reciprocity Ring – The Follow Up – Nicole Hancock
    Leadership at Its Best
    – Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb
  • Reciprocity Ring - Deborah Ferguson
    Leadership 101 - Mahmood Sheikh
    Leadership and Diversity - Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb
    Uniting a Vision and a Goal - Coach Greg Patton
    Strength Based Leadership - Deborah Ferguson & Peg Dougherty
    What’s Your Story? Using the Power of Stories to Connect and Persuade - Craig Thompson
    State of the Judiciary from a Congressional Perspective and Other Current Affairs - Rep. Raul Labrador
    Give and Take - Molly O’Leary & Gene Petty
    Lincoln on Leadership - David Leroy
    Lunch with the Chief - Chief Justice Roger Burdick
    Leadership Balance / Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Cathy Light
    Legacy Projects - Gene Petty and select IALL Graduates
    Raising Everyone’s Boats Through Giving - Brian Kane
    How to Stay Young in Sprit, Mind and Body - Jim Everett
    Practical Pointers Surrounding Work Life Balance - Dean Cathy Silak
    Designing an Effective Mentoring Program for Your Organizations - Lee Dillion
  • Leadership 101 - Mahmood Sheikh
    What Leadership Looks Like - Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb
    You’re In? Are They? Trusting Your Teammates - Hon. Mikel Williams
    Strength Based Leadership - Deborah Ferguson & Peg Dougherty
    Veterans/Lawyers Perspective on Leadership - Lt. Col. Lynn Dunlap & Major Paul Boyce
    Intergenerational Differences - Lauren Stiller Rikleen
    Lawyers as Leaders - Brian Kane
    The Value of Public Service - Lawrence Wasden
    Lincoln and Leadership - David Leroy
    Developing and Implementing a Big Project - Deb Kristensen
    Public Service and Leadership - Hon. Ronald Wilper
    How to Stay Young in Spirit, Mind and Body - Jim Everett
    Achieving a Work Life Balance - Karianne Fallows
    The Distribution of a Pitcher of Water - Hon. Roger Burdick
    Work/Life Balance and Servant Leadership - Mayor Dave Bieter
    Work-Life Balance Perspectives from an Attorney, Judge and Dean - Dean Cathy Silak
  • Lawyers as Leaders & Influencers - Dr. Roland Smith
    You’re In! Are They?: Trusting Your Teammates - Hon. Mikel Williams
    Self Awareness: Myer Briggs Type Indicator - Dr. Linda Taylor
    Group Dynamics and Team Mapping - Hon. Jack Varin
    Military Veterans/Idaho Attorney Palen Discussion - Maj. Boyce, Col. Domek, Lt. Col Dunlap, Sen. Toryanski
    Lawyers as Leaders in Public Service - Brian Kane
    Leadership and Serving the Community - Dr. Vincent Kitiku
    Design, Development and Implementing a Service Project - Deb Kristensen
    Servant Leadership and Development of the Rule of Law - Hon. Larry Boyle
    How to Stay Young in Spirit, Mind and Body - Jim Everett
    Achieving a Work Life Balance - Jerri Mizrahi
     A Bottle Washed Upon on the Beach - Hon. Roger Burdick
    What’s Yours - Diane Minnich
    The Life I Have Lived - Hon. Linda Copple Trout

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