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ISB/ILF Publications

The Idaho State Bar, Idaho Law Foundation, and Practice Sections offer a wide range of publications at discounted rates. Publications are generally available on CD or USB Thumb Drive (PDF format); however, a few are still available in hard copy.

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ABA Publications

Idaho State Bar members may receive a 15% discount on products purchased from the American Bar Association’s online store. Search hundreds of cutting-edge publications designed to assist in the management of your practice and keep you current in your area of law.

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The ISB source code is PAB7EIDB to receive the 15% discount. The item will ship directly to the purchaser. Keep in mind the discount will not apply to ABA-CLE iPod products.

Table of Contents

To view the Table of Contents and/or Preface for the Handbooks or Formbooks, please select a title below:

List of Publications

Area of Law DescriptionPublication NumberPublication NameYearFormatPrice
Alternative Dispute Resolution06-03Preparing Your Client for a Successful ADR experience2006PDF CD$20.00
Appellate Practice 19-68Idaho Appellate Handbook - 6th Edition (Appellate Section Member)2019USB Thumb Drive 100.00
Appellate Practice 19-69Idaho Appellate Handbook - 6th Edition (Non- Section Member)2019USB Thumb Drive 150.00
Appellate Practice17-03Idaho Appellate Handbook - 5th Edition (Non-Section Member)2017USB Thumb Drive$150.00
Appellate Practice17-02Idaho Appellate Handbook - 5th Edition (Appellate Practice Section Member)2017USB Thumb Drive$100.00
Appellate Practice06-06Preserving and Presenting a Record for Appeal2006PDF CD$20.00
Bankruptcy Law20-0638th Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2020USB Thumb Drive $25.00
Bankruptcy Law19-2637th Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2019USB Thumb Drive$25.00
Bankruptcy Law18-0136th Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2018PDF CD$25.00
Bankruptcy Law17-0135th Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2017PDF CD$25.00
Bankruptcy Law16-0634th Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2016PDF CD$15.00
Bankruptcy Law15-0133rd Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2015PDF CD$10.00
Bankruptcy Law14-0132nd Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2014PDF CD$10.00
Bankruptcy Law13-0231st Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2013PDF CD$10.00
Bankruptcy Law12-0130th Annual Bankruptcy Seminar2012PDF CD$10.00
Bankruptcy Law10-05Current Issues in Lending, Bankruptcies and Other Issues in Tough Economic Times2010PDF CD$10.00
Bankruptcy Law05-292005 Revised Bankruptcy Code2005PDF CD$40.00
Business & Corporate Law14-07Handling Your First or Next Matter Involving the Sale or Acquisition of a Small Business2014PDF CD$10.00
Business & Corporate Law12-08Practicing Business Law in a Down Economy2012PDF CD$10.00
Business & Corporate Law11-18Choice and Creation of Business Entities2011PDF CD$10.00
Business & Corporate Law09-02Hot Topics in Business Law2009PDF CD$30.00
Business & Corporate Law08-09LLCs Revised and Revisited: SB 1350 -The New Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act2008PDF CD$20.00
Business & Corporate Law07-06Mergers and Acquisitions: Structuring deals and the New Idaho Entity Transactional Act2007PDF CD$20.00
Business & Corporate Law06-19Business Issues in Complex Commercial Real Estate Transactions Using Limited Liability Companies2006PDF CD$30.00
Business & Corporate Law04-20Tax Issues for New Businesses2004PDF CD$20.00
Civil Procedure12-04Handling Your First or Next Post Judgment Case2012PDF CD$20.00
Civil Procedure06-23Civil Rules Update: Electronic Discovery, Experts and Ethics2006PDF CD$15.00
Diversity11-25The Status of Women in the Idaho Bar & Judiciary2011PDF CD$20.00
Diversity10-20An Afternoon of Diversity & Ethics2010PDF CD$10.00
Employment Law16-04Idaho Employment Termination Law Handbook - Non Section Member (PDF CD)2016PDF CD$100.00
Employment Law16-03Idaho Employment Termination Law Handbook - Non Section Member (USB)2016USB Thumb Drive$100.00
Employment Law16-02Idaho Employment Termination Law Handbook - Section Member (PDF CD)2016PDF CD$50.00
Employment Law16-01Idaho Employment Termination Law Handbook - Section Member (USB)2016USB Thumb Drive$50.00
Employment Law11-05Drafting your First or Next Employment Contract, Non- Competition Agreement and Employee Handbook2011PDF CD$10.00
Environmental Law08-22Environmental Law Update 20082008PDF CD$15.00
Ethics & Malpractice12-09Malpractice Trends in Idaho: Ways to Avoid Becoming a Stat2012PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice11-20Criminal Law Ethics in Idaho2011PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice10-17Social Media and Lawyer Ethics2010PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice10-11Deposition Ethics2010PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice08-29Post-Settlement Ethical Dilemmas2008PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice08-25Ethics in Federal Discovery2008PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice08-13Litigation Ethics2008PDF CD$10.00
Ethics & Malpractice05-09Client Confidentiality2005PDF CD$20.00
Ethics & Malpractice05-01Settlement Negotiations and the Ethical Considerations2005PDF CD$20.00
Family Law18-04Handling Your First or Next Divorce Case2018PDF CD$20.00
Family Law17-09Idaho Family Law Combo - Includes 7th Edition Handbook, 2017 & 3rd Edition Formbook, 2015 (Family Law Section Member)N/AUSB Thumb Drive$150.00
Family Law17-08Idaho Family Law Combo - Includes 7th Edition Handbook, 2017 & 3rd Edition Formbook, 2015 (Non-Section Member)N/AUSB Thumb Drive$250.00
Family Law17-07Idaho Family Law Handbook - 7th Edition (Family Law Section Member)2017USB Thumb Drive$100.00
Family Law17-06Idaho Family Law Handbook - 7th Edition (Non-Section Member)2017USB Thumb Drive$120.00
Family Law17-04Handling Your First or Next Adoption Case2017PDF CD$10.00
Family Law15-08Idaho Family Law Formbook - 3rd Edition (Non-Section Member)2015USB Thumb Drive$175.00
Family Law15-07Idaho Family Law Formbook - 3rd Edition (Family Law Section Member)2015USB Thumb Drive$100.00
Family Law12-454Representing Family Law Clients in a Downturned Economy2012PDF CD$20.00
Family Law12-13Family Law: Beyond Basic Custody and Divorce2012PDF CD$20.00
Family Law12-02Family Law Council of Community Property States 23rd Annual Symposium2012Hard Copy$20.00
Family Law11-06Employment Benefits in Divorce in Community Property States and Elder Issues in Family Law: Ideas for Idaho and Idaho Review2011PDF CD$20.00
Family Law10-15Issues and Strategies in the Evolving Family Law of Idaho: Relocation, Custody and Bankruptcy2010PDF CD$20.00
Family Law10-06Family Law Responses to Life's Speed Bumps2010PDF CD$20.00
Family Law09-16Navigating the Shoals of a Family Law Case (Boise)2009PDF CD$20.00
Family Law09-04Child Custody in Idaho2009PDF CD$10.00
Family Law09-01Representing the Child Client2009PDF CD$30.00
Family Law08-20Establishing and Administering Your First or Next Special Needs Trust2008PDF CD$10.00
Family Law04-02Collaborative Family Law2004PDF CD$10.00
General Practice98-03The Traits and Characteristics of Highly Effective Lawyers1998PDF CD$15.00
General Practice19-472019 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting 2019USB Thumb Dive $10.00
General Practice18-032018 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2018PDF CD$10.00
General Practice17-052017 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2017PDF CD$10.00
General Practice16-052016 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2016PDF CD$10.00
General Practice15-112015 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2015PDF CD$10.00
General Practice14-052014 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2014PDF CD$10.00
General Practice13-042013 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2013PDF CD$10.00
General Practice12-20Headline News 20122012PDF CD$10.00
General Practice12-102012 Idaho State Bar Annual Meeting2012PDF CD$10.00
General Practice10-16Practicing Law in the Digital Information Age - What You Need to Know2010PDF CD$20.00
General Practice10-14Social Media: Your Clients and Your Firm2010PDF CD$20.00
Government & Public Sector Practice11-22Public Records Cage Match: Exploring Conflicts in Disclosure Requirements2011PDF CD$10.00
Government & Public Sector Practice10-13Idaho Tort Claims Act2010PDF CD$10.00
Government & Public Sector Practice06-20Judicial Confirmation: A Perspective From the Bench2006PDF CD$10.00
Government & Public Sector Practice06-18The Council’s Counsel2006PDF CD$20.00
Immigration11-26Current Issues in Business Immigration2011PDF CD$10.00
Indian Law08-26Indian Country and Indian Sovereignty2008PDF CD$10.00
Indian Law04-03Indian Law Today2004PDF CD$25.00
Intellectual Property11-23Drafting SaaSy Licensing Agreements2011PDF CD$10.00
Intellectual Property11-16Intellectual Property Transactions: Identifying & Transferring Ownership2011PDF CD$10.00
Intellectual Property06-26Copyright Law for the rest of us: Advanced Copyright Law2006PDF CD$10.00
International Law12-07International Family Law: Dimensions of Custody, Adoptions, and Surrogacy2012PDF CD$10.00
Probate & Estate 19-452019 Annual Estate Planning Conference2019USB Thumb Drive $20.00
Probate & Estate17-102017 Annual Estate Planning Conference2017USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Probate & Estate16-072016 Annual Estate Planning Conference2016USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Probate & Estate15-122015 Annual Estate Planning Conference2015USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Probate & Estate14-062014 Annual Advanced Estate Planning2014USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Probate & Estate13-102013 Annual Advanced Estate Planning2013USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Probate & Estate12-19ID Probate & Estate Admin Forms 2004 - USB (Non-Member, TAX Section)2004USB Thumb Drive$240.00
Probate & Estate12-17ID Probate & Estate Admin Forms 2004 - USB (TAX Section Members)2004USB Thumb Drive$195.00
Probate & Estate12-122012 Annual Advanced Estate Planning2012USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Probate & Estate11-21Handling Your First or Next Probate Case2011USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Probate & Estate11-192011 Annual Advanced Estate Planning2011USB Thumb Drive$20.00
Real Property Law13-12Working on Your First or Next Real Estate Case2013USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Real Property Law13-11Idaho Real Property Forms Book-3rd Ed. (Member, Real Property Section)2013USB Thumb Drive$75.00
Real Property Law13-03Idaho Real Property Forms Book-3rd Ed. (Non-Member, Real Property Section)2013USB Thumb Drive$150.00
Real Property Law11-03Basic and Advanced Real Estate Topics: Deeds, Title Insurance, Foreclosures, Appraisals, Water Rights, Bankruptcy2011USB Thumb Drive$15.00
Real Property Law09-14Top Ten Things You Should Know Before Completing Your Next Real Estate Transaction2009USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Real Property Law09-06Real Estate Transactions in a Down Economy2009USB Thumb Drive$25.00
Real Property Law08-34Resourceful Uses of Conservation Easements2008USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Real Property Law06-24Condominium Development and Condominium Owners Associations2006USB Thumb Drive$25.00
Real Property Law05-21Real Estate Trips and Traps2005USB Thumb Drive$30.00
Trial Practice11-00Courtroom Strategy in the 21st Century2011USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Trial Practice10-12Building a Case from Discovery to Trial and Beyond: Dispositive Motion Practice and Pre-Trial Motions2010USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation20-272020 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2020USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation18-022018 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2018USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation17-112017 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2017USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation16-082016 Workers Compensation Seminar2016USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation15-022015 Workers' Compensation Annual Seminar2015USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation14-042014 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2014USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation13-092013 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2013USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation12-032012 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2012USB Thumb Drive$10.00
Workers Compensation11-022011 Workers Compensation Annual Seminar2011USB Thumb Drive$10.00
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