Resolution 23-01 Results

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Resolution 23-01 Results

The Idaho State Bar membership considered and approved Resolution 23-01. The results and proposed rule changes have been submitted to the Idaho Supreme Court for its consideration.

Resolution 23-01 – The resolution recommends to the Idaho Supreme Court that I.B.C.R. 217 and the Bar Examination Grading Standards and Procedures be amended to provide that a passing score on the bar examination shall be a scaled score of not less than 67.5% (270) of the highest possible scaled score.

2023 Emergency Resolution Results
Members eligible to vote443229326230129621043414395678 
% of total membership8%4%6%41%5%4%8%25%100% 
Members voting119798748390611071541180 
% of members voting27%34%27%21%30%29%25%11%21% 
Resolution 23-01For5345472875644679469359%
Changes to bar exam passing scoreAgainst6634401963414405948341%

*OSA – out of state active