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Coaches Needed for High School Mock Trial

Attorney coaches needed for high school mock trial teams in Meridian and Blackfoot

Renaissance High School (Meridian) and Snake River Opportunities School (Blackfoot) are participating in the 2024 Idaho’s High School Mock Trial Competition and need an attorney or attorneys to help coach their teams from January to Mid-March.

Attorney coaches serves as consultants for teams, advising team members as they navigate the case materials and prepare for competition. Attorney coach tasks include:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the mock trial materials (including the case, the rules of competition, and the simplified rules of evidence).
  • Helping teams prepare opening and closing statements, direct and cross examination, and witness performance.
  • If possible, attending regional and (if qualified) state competitions with teams.

While the scheduling attorney coach time is upon mutual agreement between the attorney and the teacher-sponsor, attorney-coaches typically spend about 3 hours a week helping with mock trial teams. They meet with their teams once a week or once every other week either in person or on Zoom and are available to answer questions from the teacher and team members between meetings.

Attorneys can coach individually or can partner with other attorneys to form coaching teams. The Idaho Law Foundation’s Law Related Education Program will provide you with a coaching manual and training videos, and can connect you with other attorney coaches who can serve as mentors for newer attorney coaches.

Contact Carey Shoufler if you are interested or would like more information. Thank you for considering this opportunity.