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May 2022

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Featured Article

The Right to Jury Trial in Idaho Civil Cases: Origins, Purpose, and Selected Applications by John E. Rumel
  • Commissioner’s Message – Returning to Normal? by Gary L. Cooper
  • Introduction to the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association by T. Guy Gallam, Jr.
  • The Future of Forced Arbitration by Michael J. Hanby II
  • The SLRA at 20: Is It Working or Not? by Christopher P. Graham an Russell L. Johnson
  • Is It the Beginning of the End for Peremptorily Challenging Jurors? by Regina M. McCrea
  • Idaho’s Open Courts Provision: What, If Anything, Does it Guarantee? by Matthew G. Gunn and Erica S. Phillips
  • Worker’s Compensation Trends Challenge and Original Grand Bargain by Taylor L. Mossman-Fletcher
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