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October 2021

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Featured Article

Understanding the Wildland Urban Interface: Protecting Idahoans from Wildfires by Charlie S. Baser and Rebecca Fitz
  • Commissioner’s Message: Lawyers Make Good Neighbors by Gary L. Cooper
  • What of Real Estate Joint Tenancies in Idaho? by Tayler W. Tibbitts
  • RON, RON, RON Away: The New Frontier of Notarization by Hilary S. Vaughn
  • How to Deal with a Dead Party in a Live Case by Stephen L. Adams
  • The Impact of Discrimination, Harassmet, and Bullying on Lawyers in Idaho by Catherine A. Freeman, Gregory B. LeDonne, Jodi A. Nafzger, and Cathy R. Silak
  • Join Us for Pro Bono Week by Jennifer M. Schindele
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