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September 2020

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Featured Article
Jamis Deux Sans Trois – Handling an Appeal With Remand in Mind by Leslie M.G. Hayes and Bryan A. Nickels

  • Commissioner’s Message from Anne-Marie Fulfer
  • The Internal Appellate Alert by Trudy H. Fouser and Stephen L. Adams
  • The Legal and Ethical Implications of Garza v. Idaho for Filing Notices of Appeal by Jenevieve “Jenny” C. Swinford and Ben P. McGreevy
  • In Solidarity Against “Tragedies of Justice:” How to Prevent the Silencing of Error in the Criminal Justice System After State v. Miller by the Amicus Committee for the Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Excerpt from the Idaho Appellate Handbook
  • Idaho State Bar Modest Means Program by E. Malcolm Copple and Shawn E. Logan
  • Idaho Students Awarded in Law Day Podcast Contest by Carey Shoufler

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