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eService Addresses and iCourt

The Idaho Judiciary is transitioning to iCourt, which includes a modernized electronic case management and e-filing system.  To streamline electronic service between parties and Idaho courts, the Idaho Supreme Court is requiring all active members of the Idaho State Bar to designate a single email address for electronic service by March 1, 2017. As of January 1, 2017, this will be the email used for service by the court. This email will also be available for service between parties in the e-filing system.

Currently, when a case is electronically filed, the parties designate a service contact for themselves.  This service contact is used for the service of documents between the parties, but the court does not have access to it.  Additionally, there is currently no option for an attorney to search for the opposing counsel’s email address for electronic service should an attorney fail to designate one.

The email address provided to the Idaho State Bar will be used for service from the court. To ensure consistency, attorneys should also include this same email address on all pleadings and all certificates of service on proposed pleadings for the court’s review, signature, and service.

This same email address will be available in the e-filing system for attorneys to search and select the opposing counsel for electronic service.  This address will be listed in the “Public Service Contact List,” similar to an email directory, enabling attorneys to easily serve each other.  Attorneys will still have the ability to identify additional specific service contacts from their firm for each case.

The Idaho Bar Commission Rules were amended to require all active and house counsel attorneys to designate an email address for electronic service in addition to an email address for use by the ISB for its announcements and notices.  The designated email address for service may be an office or personal email address and may be different from the address used for electronic communications from the Idaho State Bar.  If no email is designated for service, the email address designated for Idaho State Bar use will be used for electronic service as well.  It is your responsibility to keep this designated email address updated.

The Supreme Court’s e-filing rule was also amended to require all active members of the Idaho State Bar to designate and submit a single email to the Idaho State Bar for electronic service.  The e-filing rule will state that the courts must use the designated email address for service of all notices or orders generated and served by the court.  Please note electronic service only applies to courts in those counties on the iCourt system.

The Idaho Supreme Court and Idaho State Bar appreciate your prompt cooperation.  If you have any questions, please contact Michael Mehall, Court Operations Manager, Idaho Supreme Court, at or 208-947-7482. For more information on e-Filing, visit the iCourt Project Website for FAQs, instructional videos, information on how to register, and training information at

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