Zoom Retirement Party for Dave Metcalf- Oct. 2

After 39 years of service to the District of Idaho, Dave Metcalf is retiring. It is impossible to properly express our gratitude or fully thank Dave for his service. And, the present circumstances make an impossible task all the more difficult. But, we are not letting Dave get out of here without some celebration. So, in lieu of an formal retirement party, we invite you to join Dave, his family, friends, and fellow court staff in a send-off via Zoom. The Zoom conference will run from 10:30am to 12:00pm on Friday, October 2.

Due to security concerns the Court is requiring all attendees to RSVP prior to joining the zoom conference.

Please RSVP here:  https://forms.gle/qHcbjhfLButcULJb9

To Connect to the Zoom conference please follow this link: https://www.zoomgov.com/j/1613581264