Scam Alert: Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

Idaho lawyers are reporting that unemployment claims have been filed under their names with the Idaho Department of Labor. Most discovered the scam through emails or letters to them or to their employers. The scammers often have obtained victims’ personal information such as home addresses and social security numbers. Please note the Idaho State Bar does not store, cache, or archive data needing for filing claims with the Idaho Department of Labor.

If you receive a reference to an unemployment claim that appears fraudulent, or if you receive an unexpected 1099-G tax form from the Idaho Department of Labor, please follow this link to report possible identity theft. You might also run a credit check to pick up any unwarranted activity.

Finally, please make note of the “scam alert” feature on the front page of our website. We keep this updated with any scams reported to us that specifically target lawyers, law firms, or courts. We welcome those reports via email.