Important Notice From the Idaho Supreme Court Regarding July 1 Changes in Law & Rules


  • You MUST file a Case Information Sheet with ALL new civil cases (other than small claims actions) starting JULY 1 (pursuant to I.R.C.P. 3(d)(1)).

Currently a case information sheet is required to be filed by the initiating party in certain types of civil cases, such as guardianship and adoption, and the sheet requests information about both the initiating and responding party.  The Supreme Court has adopted a new civil case information sheet to be filed in all other civil cases.  This sheet will be completed and filed by both the initiating and responding parties regarding that party’s information.  The information will be used to match parties in the court’s case management system and will be exempt from disclosure.  The case information sheet can be found on the Supreme Court’s website HERE.


  • Pursuant to Senate Bill 1202 the Supreme Court has created forms to be utilized by the sheriff to execute garnishments. Those forms that must be utilized beginning JULY 1, include:
  1. Notice of Exemptions;
  2. Instructions to Debtors and Third Parties;
  3. Claims of Exemption; and
  4. Written Interrogatories to Garnishee.

These forms will be available on the Supreme Court’s website HERE.

  • The required Summons forms have been amended in civil and family law matters to warn defendants of potential adverse judgment if they do not respond within 21 (previously 20) days.  This change was effective in civil cases in September of 2016 and in family cases, July 1, 2017.  These forms are available on the Supreme Court’s website here: Civil Summons & Family Law Summons.


  • R.F.L.P. 126 and the Child Support Guideline Forms have been revised. These changes become effective July 1, 2017.  The forms are available on the Supreme Court’s website HERE.

For other changes in court rule, please review Catherine Derden’s review of Highlights of Rule Amendments for 2017 on the Idaho Supreme Court’s website HERE or in the June edition of The Advocate.  If you have questions, please contact Michael Mehall / (208) 334-2850.