Idaho Law Foundation Program Receives National Award


The Idaho Law Foundation’s Law Related Education Program received a 2020 Law Day Outstanding Activity Award from the American Bar Association for its Annual Law Day Podcast Contest. The Award highlights the best Law Day programs from around the country that promote public understanding of law and integrate the Law Day theme into activities that serve the community.

The Annual Law Day Podcast Contest offers students an opportunity to win cash prizes while exploring the importance of the rule of law in the United States. Working individually or in groups, students submit a 5 to 10-minute podcast that ties to the annual American Bar Association’s Law Day theme.

Will Gunn, ABA Law Day Chair said of the award-winning Law Day Podcast Contest: “You were selected from a competitive national pool of applicants by a committee of leaders assembled from the legal community. The Law Day Podcast Contest demonstrated broad outreach to your community, with a substantive understanding of the Law Day theme. You engaged your audience in meaningful conversations to help foster understanding about voting rights and the role of access to the ballot in our American democracy. And, in 2020, you managed to do all of this in the face of a national pandemic that forced everyone to rethink their programs under extraordinarily uncertain conditions. The ABA truly commends your work.”

Greg Dickison, Chair of the Law Foundation’s Law Related Education Committee said, “A group of attorneys and educators who are committed to the importance of civic education and engaging young people to explore the rule of law spent many years developing our Annual Podcast Contest. We are honored to be recognized for our work.”

For more information about the Annual Podcast Contest, visit and click the Law Day link from the main page. For questions, contact Carey Shoufler, Idaho Law Foundation Law Related Education Director, at

The Idaho Law Foundation is the charitable arm of the Idaho State Bar. As a program of the Foundation, Law Related Education is a statewide civic education program that works to enhance public understanding of the legal system and bring together attorneys and teachers to help students of all ages understand the role of law in a democratic society. For more information, visit

Established in 1958 by President Eisenhower, Law Day is celebrated every year on the first day of May. It’s designed to help people better understand the law and our legal system and is centered on a different theme each year to spotlight important aspects of the law. For more information, visit the American Bar Associations’ Law Day website.


Contact: Carey Shoufler, Law Related Education Director