Go Digital! Opt Out of Printed Desk Book Directory


The Idaho State Bar is in the midst of preparing the Idaho State Bar’s 2018-2019 Desk Book Directory.

A reminder the Desk Book Directory is readily available digitally any time on the Idaho State Bar Website. Its contents are updated throughout the year.

At this time we are requesting members of the Idaho State Bar opt out of receiving a hard copy of the Desk Book Directory in the mail. The digital option is more fiscally and environmentally friendly.

If you wish to opt out please click and complete this FORM by March 19.

Those who do not opt out will receive the printed version in the mail by mid-May.

Please Note: The digital version is the same as the printed with two exceptions. The digital version does not include the list of names, or roster, of attorneys. The digital version only includes a simple search query to find one attorney at a time. However, it is regularly updated throughout the year.