2023 Final Licensing & MCLE Deadline – 3/1

The 2023 licensing & MCLE final deadline is March 1, 2023

The License Fee Notice – Why should you review it? In addition to the license fee information, the license fee notice includes attorney data from the Bar’s records. Please review the information provided and make any changes so your information is accurate.

Do you have a Trust Account?  Active members must complete the Trust Account Certification form regardless of whether you are required to maintain a trust account. If you are an active member of the Idaho State Bar and your primary office is in Idaho, you must certify each year that you maintain a separate client trust account for Idaho client funds or that you handle no client funds. If you have a trust account, please make sure the account is reported accurately.

MCLE – Each active member of the Bar must complete 30 hours of MCLE credit, including 3 hours of ethics, every three years. If your MCLE reporting period ends in 2022, please remember live webcasts qualify for live credit. Search for live courses on our website and look for notices such as “Webcast,” “Teleconference,” or “Audio Stream.” Extensions until March 1, 2023 are available. The extension fee is $100. More information on MCLE Compliance.

Are you required to have malpractice coverage? All active and house counsel members must complete the Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Certification. If you do not represent private clients, complete the form, indicating you do not represent private clients. If you represent private clients, complete the form, and submit proof of current professional liability coverage if it is not already on file with the Idaho State Bar.

You have decided to resign from the Idaho State Bar – If you decide not to practice law in Idaho, now or in the future, you can complete the Voluntary Resignation Form. Please understand, if you resign and then change your mind later, you must reapply for admission to the Idaho State Bar, which may include taking and passing the Idaho Bar Examination. If you are unsure of your future plans to practice law in Idaho, we recommend you transfer to inactive or senior status.

Practice Sections – Should you join? The Bar’s 23 Practice Sections offer you the opportunity to meet Bar members who practice in similar areas of practice, attend educational events, and provide a chance to participate in projects and activities. The license form includes Section registration information.

Donations to the Idaho Law Foundation – The license form offers you the opportunity to make a voluntary tax-deductible contribution to the Idaho Law Foundation (“ILF”). ILF, through its programs, provides services and information to thousands of individuals, groups, and families in Idaho, including low-income families needing legal assistance, justice professionals, community leaders, students, educators, law students, attorneys, judges, and the public. For more information about ILF visit www.idaholawfoundation.org.

Licensing Questions – Detailed instructions and information are included on the online licensing portal, in the licensing packet, and on the Bar’s website. If you have questions, please contact the Licensing Department at licensing@isb.idaho.gov 208-334-4500.