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Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is the elected governing body of the Bar. The Board consists of five commissioners, elected from Idaho's seven judicial districts. Two commissioners are elected from the Fourth District, one represents the First and Second Districts, one the Third and Fifth Districts and one the Sixth and Seventh Districts. Commissioners serve staggered three-year terms.

The Commissioners meet 8-10 times a year to oversee the various functions and programs of the Bar. Pursuant to Idaho Bar Commissioner Rule 900, member input and recommendations are generated through the fall Resolution Process. This process allows members of the bar to have the opportunity to recommend changes in rules of the court statutes, policies or rules of the bar, and to discuss issues of interest or concern. The Idaho State Bar cannot take a position on legislation unless the members have approved the issue during the Resolution Process.

The 2018 Notice of Election and Nominating Petition are now available via the links below:


Upcoming Meeting Dates


BOC Meeting Minutes

Meeting DateLocation
December 8, 2017Conference Call
November 13, 2017Idaho Falls, Idaho
October 5, 2017Boise, Idaho
September 8, 2017Boise, Idaho
July 12, 2017Moscow, Idaho
April 7, 2017Twin Falls, Idaho
February 24, 2017Boise, Idaho
January 13, 2017Boise, Idaho
December 9, 2016Conference Call
October 6, 2016Boise, Idaho
September 9, 2016Boise, Idaho
July 13, 2016Boise, Idaho
May 5, 2016Boise, Idaho
April 8, 2016Lewiston, Idaho
February 18, 2016Boise, Idaho
January 15, 2016Boise, Idaho
December 11, 2015Conference Call
November 17, 2015Idaho Falls, Idaho
October 9, 2015Boise, Idaho
September 11, 2015Boise, Idaho
July 22, 2015Sun Valley, Idaho
May 7, 2015Boise, Idaho
April 10, 2015Idaho Falls, Idaho
February 20, 2015Boise, Idaho
December 12, 2014Conference Call
November 18, 2014Idaho Falls, Idaho
October 2, 2014Boise, Idaho
September 5, 2014Boise, Idaho
July 16, 2014Fort Hall, Idaho
May 1, 2014Boise, Idaho
April 4, 2014Boise, Idaho
February 21, 2014Boise, Idaho
January 17, 2014Boise, Idaho