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You may also donate by cash or check! Make checks payable to Access to Justice Idaho and either drop off at The Law Center, 525 W. Jefferson Street, Boise, ID 83702 or mail to Access to Justice Idaho, PO Box 895, Boise, ID 83701-0895.

In 2018, Access to Justice funding…

helped 1,567 survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or stalking reach safety.

resolved 1,214 housing issues including unlawful evictions, housing discrimination and foreclosure.

assisted 251 victims of consumer rip-offs, scams and illegal debt collection.

ensured that 1,430 people with disabilities, seniors, and other vulnerable Idahoans received benefits and entitlements.

served 464 people with other critical legal issues including farm and migrant worker rights, wage claims, individual rights and advanced directives.

helped 4,663 people understand their legal rights through free legal clinics and community presentations.

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