Common LRS Questions

How Can I get a list of attorneys?
The Online Lawyer Referral Service will provide you with one listing. You will receive the information of the attorney in the area of law you have requested. We do not offer a full listing of the attorneys in the state.

Can you personally recommend a "good" attorney?
All the attorneys in the LRS are active members of the Idaho State Bar, are licensed to practice law in Idaho and are currently in good standing. Referrals are offered on a rotation basis and you will receive the next referral listing available.

Can you give me a referral based on age, gender, race, religion, number of years in practice, firm size, etc.?
No. We can only refer based on city, type of case, whether the attorney will accept phone consultations, will accept out-of-state clients, speaks foreign languages or is licensed in other states.

Can you tell me how much the attorney will charge?
No. All the attorneys in the LRS have agreed to provide the initial half hour consultation for free. After that, you will need to discuss fees with the attorney. The LRS is not responsible for any fees incurred by you when talking to the LRS attorney.

Will the attorney take my case on contingency?

Discuss that option with the attorney. Each attorney sets their own fees and may or may not require a retainer. We have no information about how much individual attorneys charge.

Are all the attorneys in Idaho part of the Referral Service?
No. Attorneys who wish to join the LRS inform us about the types of cases they will handle and pay a registration fee. There may be attorneys in your area that handle the type of case you have, but who are not a part of the LRS.