Idaho Lawyers Assistance Program

The mission of the Idaho Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP) is to provide support for lawyers who are experiencing problems associated with substance abuse and/or mental health issues in a safe manner, preserving the reputation and trust of the attorney. All information is 100% confidential and will not be reported to the Idaho State Bar.

The program also focuses on educating legal professionals and their family and friends about the causes, effects and treatment of alcohol and drug dependency, depression, and other mental health problems. Judges and attorneys volunteer their time to assist lawyers who suffer with these issues through the appropriate resources.

Reach the 24-Hour Hotline by dialing 866-460-9014. When calling this 24/7 confidential phone line, you will receive...

  • Guidance for lawyers in need of assistance or referral sources
  • Information relating to alcohol/drug education, mental health treatment, interventions, monitoring, and/or family support
  • Guidance for re-entering the workplace
  • Assistance in finding lawyers who volunteer time as a temporary replacement for those lawyers entering a treatment program
  • Recommendations for appropriate treatment centers

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in the Legal Profession

Alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health problems are treatable illnesses that affect a great number of professionals, including lawyers and judges. Reports now estimate that while 10% of the general population has problems with alcohol abuse, 15-18% of the legal profession battles the same problem. Since many lawyers and judges tend to be overachievers who carry an enormous workload, the inclination to “escape” through the use of drugs and alcohol is prevelant in the legal community. These daily pressures can lead to inordinate amounts of stress and mental illness. Recent national reports have shown that a majority of disciplinary problems involve chemical dependency or emotional stress. The effects can be devastating - both to the individual and to those around them. Fortunately, there is help.

You are not alone - if you are concerned about ...

  • Your own use of alcohol or other drugs
  • The use of alcohol or drugs by a partner or associate
  • A fellow attorney or judge who you see is affected by the use of alcohol or other drugs
  • You or a fellow attorney’s inability to handle matters due to depression or other forms of mental illness
  • ... Contact the LAP for assistance.

Who to Call

For assistance or to make a referral, please contact:

Southworth Associates
5530 W. Emerald
Boise, ID   83706

John Southworth, CADC, NCAC, ICAADC, CIP - Program Coordinator
Lisa Reeser, Assistant
(208) 891-4726
(866) 460-9014 - 24-Hour Hotline

Educational Resources

American Bar Association Audio Webinar
I've Got Your Back; You've Got My Ear: Suicide Prevention in the Legal Profession
Program Recording | Material

**The above programming is intended for educational purposes only and does not meet mandatory continuing legal education requirements in Idaho. You will not receive CLE credit for viewing/listening.

LAP Committee Members

Jamie C. Shropshire, Chair - Boise
Phone: (208) 305-2344

James P. Hannon - Coeur d'Alene
Phone: (208) 676-8776
Cell: (208) 818-1792

Victoria A. Olds - Grangeville
Phone: (208) 983-0663

Kevin S. Borger - Boise
Phone: (208) 384-3870
Cell: (208) 440-4754

Thomas B. Humphrey - Boise
Phone: (208) 830-4319
Andrea Patterson - Boise
Phone: (208) 947-7437

Ronald D. Christian - Caldwell
Phone: (208) 571-2149

Hon. Robert Jackson - Payette
Phone: (208) 642-6019
Joseph N. Pirtle - Boise
Phone: (208) 395-7144

Hon. Gregory M. Culet - Nampa
Phone: (208) 454-7319

Matthew L. Kinghorn - Pocatello
Phone: (208) 478-2046

Julie Stomper - Idaho Falls
Phone: (208) 557-5211

Brian N. Donesley - Boise
Phone: (208) 343-3851
Dylan Lawrence - Boise
Phone: (208) 907-1529
Thomas M. Vasseur - Coeur d'Alene
Phone: (208) 664-4457
Cell: (208) 819-1100

Yvonne A. Dunbar - Boise
Phone: (208) 344-5800

Paul D. McFarlane - Boise
Phone: (208) 371-6808
Carter Winters - Emmett
Phone: (208) 365-4548
Cell: (208) 890-2609
Jenny C. Grunke - Boise
Phone: (208) 794-9402
Hon. Daniel B. Meehl - Twin Falls
Phone: (208) 733-8310
John Southworth - Statewide Outreach
(Non-Lawyer Committee Member)
Phone: (208) 891-4726


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