Mandatory Continuing Legal Education
Published Legal Writing Credit

Under Idaho Bar Commission Rule (IBCR) 404(c), published legal writing authored by attorneys may qualify for CLE credit if the writing meets the following requirements.

Idaho Bar Commission Rules Section IV - Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

Published Legal Writing Requirements

Qualifications - published legal writing credit may be given if the writing:

  • Contributes to the attorney’s legal education;
  • Is intended for an attorney audience; and
  • Is an original writing that is published, in print or electronically, in a professional legal journal or publication.

Exceptions - no credit will be given for:

  • A writing that is prepared in the ordinary course of the attorney’s employment or practice of law;
  • Written materials prepared as part of a CLE course;
  • A writing for which the attorney is directly compensated, other than as an honorarium;
  • A writing prepared for or on behalf of a client or prospective client or for marketing purposes; or
  • Editing or rewriting.

Accreditation - credit for writing will be as follows:

  • One (1) credit hour will be given for each one thousand (1,000) words, provided that any writing submitted for credit shall include a minimum of one thousand (1,000) words;
  • Attorneys are limited to a maximum of six (6) total credits for writing for each reporting period;
  • Credits will be applied in the year in which the writing is actually published; and
  • A writing that is coauthored by one or more attorneys is eligible for credit in proportion to the percentage of work contributed by each attorney.

Applying for Published Legal Writing Credit

Following publication, attorney may submit a Published Legal Writing Credit Application PDF Document - Click Here for Acrobat Reader. The application must include a copy of the writing, a word count, and the name and address of the publisher.  If the attorney is a coauthor, the request shall also include a statement indicating the percentage of work contributed by the attorney.