Address Change Form

Under Idaho Bar Commission Rule 303, all Idaho State Bar members must provide their full names, mailing address and phone numbers. If applicable, members must also provide the name of their employers/firms and business email addresses. This information along with the attorneys' website addresses is considered public information and is published on the Idaho State Bar website and in the annual Desk Book. Attorneys' home addresses and street addresses will not be published unless they are used as mailing addresses.

Information to be Updated (Select One):   

Please provide the following information:

Your name, firm/employer, mailing address, phone and fax numbers and email and website addresses are part of our public records.  If you choose to use your home address as your mailing address, remember that it will become public record.

Address to Use For Mailings Work Home


*If you changed your name, please see additional information below.

Mailing Address
(Please include city, state and zip.)
Phone   Ext:  
eService Email

All active members need to provide an eService email address to be used for service of notices and orders by the Idaho State Courts in the iCourt system.
Street Address
If the mailing address above is a PO Box, please provide your street address for internal ISB use only. (Please include city, state and zip.)
Home Address
Your home address for internal ISB use and will not be published unless you also use it as your mailing address. (Please include city, state and zip.)

Effective Date of Change:

Yes: No: Please send me a new Trust Account Certification form.
Yes: No: Please send me a new Disclosure of Professional Liability Insurance form.

Message/Additional Information:

*If you have changed your name, written and signed notification must be sent to the Idaho State Bar.  You should also send notification to the Idaho Supreme Court and, if appropriate, the U.S. District Court of Idaho.  In your letter, please include your former name and your full current name.  Also include any changes to your email address.  It is not necessary to include copies of marriage certificates, court orders, etc. with your letter.

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