Law Related Education Resources

The Idaho Law Foundation’s Law Related Education program can provide you with tools you need to reinforce learning while helping build positive relationships between students and the law and legal community.

Educational materials include books, lesson plans, mock trial scripts, videos/DVDS and audio/visual aids.

Lesson Plan Library

The Law Related Education Program maintains a free lending library of over 2,500 law-related education materials. Available resources are targeted to developmental levels from kindergarten through high school.

Constitution Day

On September 17, 1787, America’s founding fathers signed our Constitution. To commemorate this important day in the history of the United States, a federal law declared September 17 to be Constitution Day and required that every federally funded school teach about the Constitution on that day.

The Idaho Law Foundation’s Law Related Education Program can connect you to resources to help you and your students celebrate Constitution Day.

In addition, the following websites have lesson plans and other resources for Constitution Day:

For questions about Constitution Day, contact Carey Shoufler at (208) 334-4500.

18 in Idaho

18 in Idaho helps young people understand their rights and responsibilities as they reach the age of majority. You can Order the Publication in hardcopy or View the Web Version online. Contact Carey Shoufler with any questions.

Freedom of Expression

The Law Related Education Program has developed curriculum materials to help high school students explore freedom of expression, with the guiding question: In a democratic society, should the government protect or limit hate speech?

Attorneys interested in teaching this lesson with high school students can contact Carey Shoufler, Law Related Education Director.

Students in grades 9 to 12 interested in exploring this topic in depth have the opportunity to participate in the ACLU of Idaho first annual Bill of Rights Essay Contest.

Mock Trial Cases

The Law Related Education Program posts cases used as part of the Idaho High School Mock Trial Competition.

In addition, the National High School Mock Trial Championship Website houses a searchable case library.

LRE also has cases for elementary school students. Visit the Lesson Plan Library to search for mock trials appropriate for this age group.

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