Lawyers in the Classroom

Lawyers throughout Idaho look forward to sharing their knowledge with students at all grade levels. The Lawyers in the Classroom project takes lawyers out of the courtroom and places them in the classroom, giving students the opportunity to learn about the law from actual practitioners.

Lawyers in the Classroom partnerships provide students with a deeper content background about important law-related and civic subjects. The Law Related Education Program helps prepare lawyers to go into the classroom and can tailor lessons and presentations to fit within Idaho Achievement Standards for Social Studies.

Lawyers in the Classroom Signup

Lawyers can sign up to partner with a teacher for classroom presentations.  Classroom partnership registration forms are available online:  Lawyer Sign-Up | Teacher Sign-Up.

Lawyers in the Classroom Lesson Plans

To find a list of lesson plans available for classroom presentations, please visit our Resources page.

Lawyers in the Classroom Online Evaluation Forms

At the end of each session we ask both attorneys and teachers to fill out a brief online evaluation form. Lawyer Feedback Form | Teacher Feedback Form