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Open a Case Through IVLP

Many attorneys find pro bono cases without the assistance of IVLP. IVLP encourages attorneys to open these cases through IVLP. When you represent your pro bono client under the IVLP, you will covered by IVLP’s malpractice policy and you will be entitled to an automatic fee waiver pursuant to Idaho Rule of Civil Procedure 10.1. You may also access IVLP’s trainings and other resources. In addition, IVLP can track your volunteer hours and recognize your contribution to providing increases access to justice in Idaho.

To open a case through IVLP, please have your client complete the IVLP Applicant Information Forms available by clicking the button to the left and return then to Sue Pierson. IVLP will set up a file and notify you in writing when the case is open in the IVLP system.

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