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What is Soundstart?

As a project of IVLP, Soundstart provides opportunities for volunteer attorneys to help young, low-income families establish secure legal foundations. The goal of the program is to educate parents about the need for obtaining court orders for custody, paternity, child support, guardianships and other family-related matters and motivate them to act before domestic problems arise.


The curriculum is designed to teach fundamental ideas and answer common questions on topics such as custody, child support and paternity. The objective is to help parents appreciate the importance of legal structures for their families and motivate them to contact the appropriate agency for help in creating those structures. The curriculum is designed to be flexible to accommodate different classroom situations.


Soundstart presentations are conducted at organizations that serve parents. The number of participants, topics covered, and length of presentations will vary by location. Volunteer attorneys only present Soundstart lessons and are not committing to represent or follow up with any of the participants attending the presentations.


If participants have questions outside the scope of a presentation, volunteer attorneys can refer questions to Soundstart staff or give participants the Soundstart approved resource list to help direct them to the additional information and assistance they may need. This resource list can be found only by clicking the button to the left.


To volunteer for Soundstart in your area or ask further questions about your participation, please fill out the Attorney Volunteer Form by clicking the button to the left or contact Elena Becker at 208-334-4500.


Please contact us at (208) 955-8297.

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