IOLTA Leadership Banks

To honor banks that commit to offering favorable interest rates on IOLTA accounts, even in uncertain financial times, the Law Foundation created the Leadership Bank program. For more information about becoming a Leadership Bank, contact Carey Shoufler at (208) 334-4500


IOLTA Funds Can Help People Start New Lives

The Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program helped recruit and prepare a volunteer attorney to represent Susan’s daughter who was suffering from abuse at the hands of a family member. Susan obtained a permanent protection order to stop visitation from the abusive family member when her daughter was present. Thanks, in part, to an IOLTA grant IVLP is able to provide legal aid to the poor and Susan was able to ensure the safety of her child.



Benefits for Financial Institutions

  • Quarterly publication of the IOLTA Leadership Bank list in the Advocate, the journal of the Idaho State Bar, which reaches over 5000 attorneys and judges, as well as many business owners and other professionals.
  • Inclusion of the Leadership Bank list in the Law Foundation’s annual report and on its website.
  • Distribution of the IOLTA Leadership Bank list to Idaho attorneys requesting IOLTA account recommendations and information.
  • Inclusion of IOLTA Leadership Bank status in your institution’s CRA statement as evidence of your community investment.

Leadership Bank Guidelines

Leadership Banks agree to:

  • Pay an interest rate of at least 70% of the Federal Funds rate, based on net yield of all accounts held;
  • Waive all service fees and charges on IOLTA accounts; and
  • Meet basic IOLTA reporting requirements.

2011 Leadership Banks

  • Bank of the Cascades
  • Idaho Banking Company
  • Idaho Independent Bank
  • Idaho Trust Bank
  • Key Bank
  • Sterling Savings Bank
  • Syringa Savings Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Note: The Leadership Bank list is updated quarterly. The current list of Leadership Banks is current as of December 15, 2010.