2015 Resolution Process (aka The Roadshow)

Unlike many state bars, the Idaho State Bar cannot take positions on legislative matters, rules of court,or substantive rules governing the Bar itself at its Annual Meeting or by act of its Bar Commissioners without first submitting such matters to the membership through the Resolution Process.

The Resolution Process is set forth in Idaho Bar Commission Rule 906. Resolutions may be submitted by a District Bar Association, the Board of Commissioners, a Bar committee, or an individual member of the Bar. Resolutions submitted by a District Bar Association, the Board of Commissioners, or the Idaho Supreme Court are automatically included in the resolution process.

Resolutions submitted are presented to the District Bar representatives and Board of Commissioners for consideration. This body votes on whether to circulate the resolution to the membership. Approved resolutions are mailed to each member of the Idaho State Bar. Included in the information mailed to members will be the text of each resolution and, if available, any additional information explaining the intent and purpose of the resolution. The deadline to submit resolutions was September 25, 2015.

The 2015 Resolution Process Voter Pamphlet was mailed to all voting members on October 16th. Each District Bar Association had their resolution meeting during November. Ballots were available at all resolution meetings and mailed to those voting members who were unable to attend. Voting closed on Monday, December 7, 2015.


2015 Resolution Results

The 2015 Resolution Results are listed HERE. For more information on each resolution, see the Voter Pamphlet. The changes to the rules will be submitted to the Idaho Supreme Court for their consideration.

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