Idaho Supreme Court Rule Amendments

Amendment Regarding Who Must File a Civil Case Information Sheet.

I.R.C.P. 3 was amended effective July 1, 2017, to  require a civil case information sheet in all civil cases. The rule requires both the initiating and responding parties to fill out a sheet regarding that party’s information and the purpose of the sheet is to match parties in the court system.  The rule has now been amended to exempt from this requirement all governmental entities as defined by Idaho Code § 6-902 (3).  The order can be found at and was effective as of the date the order was signed.


Amendment to Appellate Rule on Certified Questions From a Federal Court.

Effective January 1, 2018, I.A.R. 12.3 on certification of a question of law from a United States Court has been amended with the intent to expedite these cases.  Any opposition to the certification will have to be filed with the Supreme Court within seven days of the date of the filing of the order of certification and the filing of briefs will follow an expedited schedule set out in the rule.  In addition, if oral argument is held, it will be given priority on the court’s calendar behind arguments in custody appeals filed pursuant to I.A.R. 11.1 or   12.1.  The order amending the rule can be found at