Steps for Admission

Listed below are the steps for Admission to the Idaho State Bar under the Application for Reciprocal Admission.  The application process could take from 60 to 90 days to complete.

  1. When an application has been processed and approved, the Idaho State Bar notifies the Idaho Supreme Court that the reciprocal applicant is eligible for admission.

  2. When the Idaho State Bar receives the Order of Admission, the Admissions Department sends the applicant license forms to be completed and returned to the Idaho State Bar, along with a letter giving instructions for admission to the Idaho Supreme Court and the United States District Court.

  3. After the Idaho State Bar has received and processed the license forms, the applicant is eligible for admission.  Applicant must first be admitted through the Idaho Supreme Court before being eligible to be admitted to the United States District Court.

  4. Applicants must appear in person at the Idaho Supreme Court in Boise to be sworn-in.  Please note that applicants have six months from the date of the Order of Admission to be sworn-in.  Idaho Bar Commission Rule 220.

  5. Within 12 months of admission to the Idaho State Bar, each lawyer is required to complete the Practical Skills Seminar.  Idaho Bar Commission Rule 402.  The Practical Skills Seminar is held in Boise twice a year, generally in May and September.  It is not available on tape or online.  Lawyers must attend this seminar in person.

    If you have questions about the application process or the admission requirements, please contact Maureen Ryan Braley, Director of Admissions, or Belinda Brown at (208) 334-4500.

    If you have questions about the Practical Skills seminar, please contact Mahmood Sheikh, Deputy Executive Director, at (208) 334-4500.

    If you have questions about CLE requirements, please contact Annette Strauser, Membership Administrator, at (208) 334-4500.