Reciprocal Application

The Reciprocal Application, along with complete information for this process, is available in PDF format.You will need Acrobat Reader to open and print the documents. (PDF File - Get Acrobat Reader Get Acrobat Reader)  Please submit all forms on white paper.

Please print out the following: 

  1. Application Information Sheet - Includes all instructions for completing the application.  Please print these instructions and keep them for future reference.
  2. Reciprocal Application - Only original applications will be accepted.
  3. Fingerprint Card  – Request a Fingerprint Card, complete all information and return the card with the application.
  4. Authorization and Release Form - Submit two forms for each application.
  5. Consent to Release Student Records - Submit two forms for each law school attended.
  6. Reference Form - Copy one for all references listed on the application.
  7. Section II of the Idaho Bar Commission Rules

Questions or Problems with the Forms:  Contact the Maureen Ryan Braley, Director of Admissions, or Belinda Brown at (208) 334-4500.

Request a Copy of a Previously Filed Application

The Idaho State Bar charges a $25.00 fee for all copies of previously filed applications. To obtain a copy or copies of your application, please submit a written request accompanied by the $25.00 fee for each copy to:

Admissions Department
Idaho State Bar
PO Box 895
Boise, ID  83701

Be sure to list the name and mailing address for the receipt of each copy and whether a certified statement should accompany the copy.