Reciprocal Admission Credits

Idaho Bar Commission Rule (IBCR) 206(d) requires reciprocal admissions applicants to complete and certify no later than six months following the applicant’s admission to practice law under this rule that he or she has attended at least fifteen hours of continuing legal education on Idaho practice, procedure and ethics requirements, in courses administered by and/or approved by the Idaho State Bar.  Credits for self-study programs applicable to the mandatory continuing legal education requirements under this rule shall be limited to one half of the 15 hours required.


  • Earn fifteen hours of reciprocal admission credit (RAC) approved CLE credit within six months of being admitted.
  • No more than 7.5 credits can be self-study. 
  • Complete and submit the certificate of compliance listing all RAC credits by the end of the six month reporting period.

RAC Courses

Reciprocal admission credits can only be earned through courses on Idaho practice, procedure and ethics that have been approved by the Idaho State Bar.  Approved courses can be identified by the "RAC" (Reciprocal Admission Credit) designation.  Check our list of Upcoming CLE Courses and our Video/Audio Rental List for RAC courses.  We also have RAC approved Online Courses.  Remember to look for the RAC designation when choosing a rental or online course.

If you are interested in attending a course on Idaho practice, procedure or ethics, but it has not approved for reciprocal admission credits, contact the MCLE Department at (208) 334-4500 to discuss the possibility of RAC approval.

Idaho Practical Skills Course

All admittees must complete the Idaho Practical Skills course within twelve months of admission. The credits from the practical skills course may be applied to the RAC requirements if the course is completed by the RAC deadline.

The Practical Skills course is only held in Boise in the spring and fall on the day following the admission ceremony for the bar examination applicants.  It is not available as a rental program or online.  Please check the ILF/ISB Courses page or contact the Legal Education Department for specific dates.

Self Study Credits

You may earn up to one half (7.5 hours) of the 15 hours required by self-study.

Self study options available:

  • Renting of RAC approved video and/or audio taped programs.
  • Viewing RAC approved online recorded programs.

Non-self study options available:

  • Attend live programs approved for RAC credit.
  • Participate in a live webcast of a RAC approved course.
  • Rent RAC approved video programs and view them with at least one other Idaho licensed attorney or reciprocal applicant.  If arrangements cannot be made with another Idaho attorney or reciprocal applicant, please contact Annette Strauser at (208) 334-4500.


Reciprocal admission attorneys must meet the requirements of IBCR 206(d) within six months of admission to the Idaho State Bar.  The six months will begin the day the attorney is admitted to the Idaho State Bar.

There is no provision in the rules for an extension of the six-month RAC deadline.  Failure to meet the requirements by the deadline can result in cancellation of your license to practice law in Idaho.

Certification of Compliance

Following admission to the Idaho State Bar, reciprocal admission attorneys will receive a letter from the Licensing Department and a certificate of compliance with IBCR 206(d).  This certificate showing the reciprocal admission credits earned must be submitted to the Licensing Department by the end of the attorney’s six month deadline. A copy of the certificate is available online: RAC Certificate of Compliance PDF File - Get Acrobat Reader.

Who to Contact

Please contact us at (208) 334-4500 if you have any questions:

Annette Strauser:  Questions about meeting the RAC requirements -- certificate of compliance, number of credits still needed, self study v. not self study, deadlines, etc.

Dayna Ferrero:  Information on and registering for upcoming Idaho Practical Skills courses or other Idaho Law Foundation or Idaho State Bar RAC approved courses.

Josh Dages:  Information on availability of and renting RAC approved video/audio courses.

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