Legal Intern Application Process

New Applicant

The application fee is $25.  It takes approximately three weeks for the Idaho State Bar to process a complete application.  It will take additional time at the Idaho Supreme Court before an order is issued.

Filling out the application

  1. Verify the application is current by checking the expiration date at the bottom of the forms.
  2. Make sure application is submitted at least four weeks before the license is needed.
  3. Application must be original; the Idaho State Bar does not accept copies of the application.
  4. Make sure that all pages are signed and all notarizations are complete.*
  5. If any questions are answered "yes" on the Student Affidavit, be sure that explanations are attached on a separate piece of paper at the end of the application.*
  6. Make sure application is legible.

* Incomplete applications will result in processing delays.

After the Idaho State Bar processes the application, it is sent to the Idaho Supreme Court.  The court either grants or denies the limited license.  A copy of the Court's order will be sent to the legal intern, as well as the supervising attorney and the Idaho State Bar.

It is the responsibility of the supervising attorney to immediately notify the Idaho Supreme Court and the Idaho State Bar if the legal intern is no longer employed or engaged by the supervising attorney or if there has been a change of the legal intern's place of residence which impairs the ability of the supervising attorney to perform his or her duties.