House Counsel Application

The House Counsel Application, along with complete information for this process, is available in PDF format.You will need Acrobat Reader to open and print the documents. (PDF File - Get Acrobat Reader Get Acrobat Reader)  Please submit all forms on white paper.

Please print out the following: 

  1. Application Information Sheet– Includes all instructions for completing the application.
  2. House Counsel Application – Only original applications will be accepted.
  3. Fingerprint Card  – Request a Fingerprint Card, complete all information and return the card with the application.
  4. Authorization and Release Form – Submit two forms for each application.
  5. Consent to Release Student Records – Submit two forms for each law school attended.
  6. Reference Form – Copy one for all references listed on the application.
  7. Section II of the Idaho Bar Commission Rules

Questions or Problems with the Forms:  Contact Maureen Ryan Braley, Director of Admissions, or Belinda Brown at (208) 334-4500.

Request a Copy of a Previously Filed Application

The Idaho State Bar charges a $25.00 fee for all copies of previously filed applications. To obtain a copy or copies of your application, please submit a written request accompanied by the $25.00 fee for each copy to:

Admissions Department
Idaho State Bar
PO Box 895
Boise, ID  83701

Be sure to list the name and mailing address for the receipt of each copy and whether a certified statement should accompany the copy.